What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss5 maanden geleden

    Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: nlpush.info/net/video/jLyxsGl5YmvGjNU

  2. Karthik R

    Karthik R4 dagen geleden

    After watching your video who will not subscribe who provide the knowledge of technologies

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  4. david ben

    david benMaand geleden

    ya you can see that

  5. - oh -

    - oh -2 maanden geleden

    @hikingOpussom J GOD bleess

  6. - oh -

    - oh -2 maanden geleden

    GOD bless

  7. Soldier of God Save by Jesus

    Soldier of God Save by JesusUur geleden

    Watching this on my Xiaomi Redmi9t. The specs of this Smartphone is the same specs you would find on another smartphone, but you would pay double the price of this Smartphone. Xiaomi is reliable, Fair price. i Love Xiaomi Products...

  8. Sky Gaming

    Sky Gaming3 uur geleden


  9. Shahzad Ahmed

    Shahzad AhmedDag geleden

    Xiaomi ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Savvas 92

    Savvas 92Dag geleden

    No cap they have made a dog leash xiaomi-mi.com/pets/moestar-ufo-retractable-dog-leash-white/

  11. Soumya Ghadge

    Soumya GhadgeDag geleden

    7times the ads come before fucking video

  12. Happy Happy

    Happy HappyDag geleden

    2:48 Xiaomi redmi note 3, which no longer gets an update

  13. msilas007

    msilas007Dag geleden

    Definitely a miraculous video

  14. Truong Kevin

    Truong KevinDag geleden

    The vast father-in-law apically press because database bodily increase alongside a ubiquitous siberian. funny, pathetic thursday

  15. Fabian Hildebrand

    Fabian HildebrandDag geleden

    what a nice xiaomi commercial spot- how many bugs they pay you, do you ever heard about xiaomi data scandals?

  16. paulo carvalho

    paulo carvalhoDag geleden

    you also forgot that they copy tech, it's the same with every chinese company, the latest victim is tesla being totally copied by a chinese company.

  17. Marc Aerron Desembrana

    Marc Aerron Desembrana2 dagen geleden

    i don't know if it's just me but you really have a soothing voice.

  18. pranjal 111

    pranjal 1112 dagen geleden

    I used Mi phone. And every time I tried to use GPS or google maps.they showed me a wrong way which was a pain in my ass. So I switched to samsung.

  19. Bogdan Torcea

    Bogdan Torcea2 dagen geleden

    *Xiaomists, Rise Up.* Commented on my shiny gorgeous Onyx Gray Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

  20. White Slayer

    White Slayer2 dagen geleden

    11:20 thats my phone!!!

  21. Darsy Erazo

    Darsy Erazo2 dagen geleden

    He fell down 😯

  22. Eden Longman

    Eden Longman2 dagen geleden

    im watching this using my xioami mi max 3 which i bought in 2018..still working perfectly

  23. SiriuslyCold

    SiriuslyCold2 dagen geleden

    I loved my MI A1, but they scrapped the AndroidONE program damn it.

  24. Robloxwarrior

    Robloxwarrior2 dagen geleden

    The reason it doesn't spread to the Western side as much is because of the elitism in owning an apple phone and saying "my iPhone is better than yours because it's more expensive"

  25. Dávid Faraga

    Dávid Faraga2 dagen geleden

    Apple is like Intel and Xiaomi like AMD 😁

  26. gabriel ohasi

    gabriel ohasi2 dagen geleden

    I thought the name of the chann whas "who set the boss" lol

  27. T S

    T S2 dagen geleden

    The see through glass tv would be cool in glasses

  28. &4 EU

    &4 EU2 dagen geleden

    And Xiaomi finally smoked Apple..

  29. Fabian Davids

    Fabian Davids3 dagen geleden

    I'm from South Africa and the brand hasn't taken off that much as yet, but my brother introduced me to it and I simply love their devices, ended up here because I'm looking at which one to get my wife...

  30. Abu Huraira The Biraler Baba

    Abu Huraira The Biraler BabaDag geleden

    @Fabian Davids No prob

  31. Fabian Davids

    Fabian DavidsDag geleden

    @Abu Huraira The Biraler Baba thanks much appreciated...

  32. Abu Huraira The Biraler Baba

    Abu Huraira The Biraler BabaDag geleden

    @Fabian Davids yes You can check the specs on GSMRarena

  33. Fabian Davids

    Fabian DavidsDag geleden

    @Abu Huraira The Biraler Baba just checked out MI Africa and they out of stock for the Note 10 pro.

  34. Fabian Davids

    Fabian DavidsDag geleden

    Does Mrwhosetheboss have reviews on them?

  35. Ishe-Anesu Mutazu

    Ishe-Anesu Mutazu3 dagen geleden

    Can u do oppo next...?

  36. Luka Metreveli

    Luka Metreveli3 dagen geleden

    They make better smartphones than Apple and sell at cheaper price

  37. Hway as always

    Hway as always3 dagen geleden

    I'm Chinese!

  38. MagnumBlade

    MagnumBlade3 dagen geleden

    Smartphones totally don't turn me on🥵🥵🥵

  39. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane3 dagen geleden

    😫😳xiaomi stop it

  40. John Compuesto

    John Compuesto3 dagen geleden

    i'm currently using a xiaomi phone and i was so so impressed by the good specs you'll get for an affordable price. i thought it was like the best brand of android phones ever made until this phone gave me headaches. yes, the specs are great, but you can't enjoy them with all the phone's bugs that the developers aren't ever planning to fix. for instance, my keyboard just drops on its own while i'm typing. plus whenever i turn my phone off, turning it on is a total hassle bc it often makes me choose between rebooting or completely erasing data. indeed, it is impressive for xiaomi to be able to develop lots of new units in a short period of time and be able to sell much because of the amazing specs for lower prices. however, it will be no good if they will spend more time developing rather than fixing.

  41. Sidharath Vashisht

    Sidharath Vashisht3 dagen geleden


  42. Jkjkjk

    Jkjkjk3 dagen geleden

    In 2012, Americans blamed samsung for stealing. Look where they’re at today. Apple is stealing from Samsung too but no one ever talked about it. 😂

  43. yellow bus

    yellow bus9 uur geleden

    Samsung was the first to have Face ID I think, and I believe Apple is going to copy what the rest of the phones are doing and add a fingerprint sensor under the screen, so you have more options.

  44. Jkjkjk

    Jkjkjk3 dagen geleden

    There are 7 billion people in the world. Only less than 10% live in the “west”. The rest can’t afford apple. Thank you to Chinese company making smart phones more accessible.

  45. Äärenkoje

    Äärenkoje3 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: Nokia was made on finland

  46. 李家铠LJKai

    李家铠LJKai3 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: Xiaomi paid designers $300000 to change their logo from a square to an oval.

  47. Amine Mo

    Amine Mo3 dagen geleden

    Whats your editing software

  48. Kai G

    Kai G4 dagen geleden

    Thank you so much for this incredible helpful Video to get to know more about Xiaomi aka ShowerME

  49. Jackson George

    Jackson George4 dagen geleden

    Just like a traitor. You are poodle of xiaomi look at its software full of bugs. I have purchased poco f3 due to your ranking. Its camera sucks touch screen not responding so many times games are not working well. Please tell us truth about software of the fone ....

  50. Robloxwarrior

    Robloxwarrior2 dagen geleden

    He's not a traitor, if his phone worked well, it makes sense to recommend it.

  51. Riya Swami

    Riya Swami4 dagen geleden

    I don't want to brag but as a Xiaomi user, the phones can be pretty strong. It's fallen hundreds of times but never really affects anything interior or exterior.

  52. Renn

    Renn4 dagen geleden

    this timer is giving me anxiety

  53. Z

    Z4 dagen geleden

    this might be more accurate. see, ow, me

  54. Ammaz Rahman

    Ammaz Rahman5 dagen geleden

    He is almost to 10 mil!

  55. Brother

    Brother5 dagen geleden

    11:12 Covid: 🤣

  56. MinoIsPog

    MinoIsPog5 dagen geleden

    I have found a video that's based by the creator of my phone :) Im freaking in the Philippines

  57. Sadananda Patra

    Sadananda Patra5 dagen geleden

    Lots of Chinese funding happening to image make over.

  58. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane3 dagen geleden

    Rascist lmao 😜

  59. XSHAR4

    XSHAR45 dagen geleden

    I have a mi box but its old and just a potato

  60. Dead Elytra

    Dead Elytra5 dagen geleden


  61. Immanuel Nuthu

    Immanuel Nuthu5 dagen geleden

    Love the Xiaomi model cause I have some of their products myself, I just love them

  62. Stéfani Rodrigues

    Stéfani Rodrigues5 dagen geleden


  63. helo friends

    helo friends5 dagen geleden

    "you turn us on" lmao

  64. Kal Ones

    Kal Ones6 dagen geleden

    I never wouldve upgraded my redmi note 5 if it didnt shutdown after 3 yrs. it wont even charge now. Battery still lasted so long. Its just that it suddenly stopped working. Guess i’ll bring it to a repair shop.

  65. Cooo Laaa Uuuu

    Cooo Laaa Uuuu6 dagen geleden

    Watching on note 10 pro 💗

  66. Wobbles Wobbles

    Wobbles Wobbles6 dagen geleden

    I suspect my xiaomi phone recommended this video to me hahahahah

  67. Mo K

    Mo K6 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile Huawei looking at Xiaomi and biting their lips for a wasted opportunity "Thanks Mr. Trump!"

  68. ThErE lIsTeNiNg To KiDs BoP !!!

    ThErE lIsTeNiNg To KiDs BoP !!!7 dagen geleden

    I used to be so embarrassed to have a xiaomi phone because all my friends had iPhones or Samsungs . I don't know why I was because the phone is amazing .

  69. Konto. op

    Konto. op7 dagen geleden

    in Poland we say siaomi. and even workers of Xiaomi say its right pronoucation.

  70. Antony Evans

    Antony Evans7 dagen geleden

    I live in the US and have been using my Mi9t for the past 6 months

  71. main

    main7 dagen geleden

    I miss those day when you was not funded was XIAOMI and your videos was not baised. Now each any every video you appreciate chinese company

  72. Robloxwarrior

    RobloxwarriorDag geleden

    He does the same for Google and other tech brands

  73. H3artl3ss

    H3artl3ss7 dagen geleden

    7:00 sus

  74. Tanaka Mutenure

    Tanaka Mutenure8 dagen geleden

    the next thing..sanctions on xiaomi !

  75. Chu Hong sheng (Peircess)

    Chu Hong sheng (Peircess)8 dagen geleden

    we got rickrolled.

  76. Rod Martinez

    Rod Martinez8 dagen geleden

    Watching with my Redmi Note 8 ❤️🔥

  77. Saurabh

    Saurabh8 dagen geleden

    paid video

  78. Charoen P

    Charoen P8 dagen geleden

    You dumb if you know Apple and not Xiaomi

  79. _RedXGamer_

    _RedXGamer_8 dagen geleden

    nUmberrr oneeee... their existancee

  80. SHE

    SHE8 dagen geleden

    watching this on my redmi note 9!

  81. Alex Brauner

    Alex Brauner8 dagen geleden

    So can I get the mi 11 ultra in Canada? And will the phone work with Canadian carriers?

  82. Lance Barte

    Lance Barte8 dagen geleden

    I've been using Xiaomi phones since 2018 and it is one the best phones ever, my first xiaomi, a redmi note 5a is a very cheap phone but it is still working till this day. And now I have a new phone, a Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro, and I love it sm.

  83. Most Rendy

    Most Rendy8 dagen geleden

    I LOVE XIAOMI ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. Mojorojo

    Mojorojo9 dagen geleden


  85. Markus Alanen

    Markus Alanen9 dagen geleden

    USA is so toxit so it is realy smart move to avoid whole region.

  86. L-au Atlk

    L-au Atlk9 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi is second biggest smartphone company now.

  87. Lok Sundar

    Lok Sundar9 dagen geleden

    Yes, very good business strategy from the community and the MI phones are also good with its price 👍️

  88. Maple Chan

    Maple Chan9 dagen geleden

    1:55 Oh so cringe oh why ohhhhh.

  89. Jonathan Moor

    Jonathan Moor9 dagen geleden

    In Israel Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands if not the most popular, for the last 6 years.

  90. Sky -

    Sky -2 dagen geleden

    @Tamerlane ok

  91. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane2 dagen geleden

    @Sky - I was not talking to you

  92. Sky -

    Sky -2 dagen geleden

    @Tamerlane there is no israel

  93. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane3 dagen geleden

    You mean Palestine

  94. Sky -

    Sky -8 dagen geleden

    No israel

  95. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh9 dagen geleden

    Great research.. and Xiaomi power is great doing great in this less time build a great market.

  96. JohnAce P

    JohnAce P9 dagen geleden

    Mr, Who's the boss? - Wife said

  97. 186 Ali Imran

    186 Ali Imran9 dagen geleden

    Who saw this video in 2018?

  98. Solon Koutsogiannakis

    Solon Koutsogiannakis9 dagen geleden

    he rick rolled me so many times now

  99. Nomer Flores

    Nomer Flores10 dagen geleden

    Value and quality. It was the mi3 that drew me to Xiaomi.

  100. Kesateria Matahari

    Kesateria Matahari10 dagen geleden

    wait, how do i disable those pesky ads on xiaomi phone?

  101. xx준

    xx준10 dagen geleden

    watching this on the day my mom' xiaomi phone got delivered

  102. Boy An

    Boy An10 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail gives me cancer

  103. Sofia Marquez

    Sofia Marquez10 dagen geleden

    I just searched up the thing about Elon Musk and I still wondered: HOW THE FLIPPING HELL IS A PERSON GOING TO NAME THEIR CHILD X Æ A-12 HE MUST HAVE BEEN DRUNK OR SOMETHING

  104. Fr3e3

    Fr3e310 dagen geleden

    Their "Mix" phones are absolutely awesome. Sure some of their other phones are hit and miss but so are the iPhones, I just got an iPhone 12 128GB version and I was shocked to see that the pictures are worse than ones taken with a Galaxy S9+ or my wife's Huawei P30 Pro. Also it hit rock bottom when I noticed that the selfie camera took shittier pictures than my old Huawei P20. If the Mi11 Ultra wasn't THAT damn expensive I would have grabbed it but it's just too damn much :( Good for Xiaomi to actually hold on to their core values and try to provide the best value for money possible!

  105. Andy Paunov

    Andy Paunov10 dagen geleden

    Can you make such a video about Motorola?

  106. Patrick Ch - Asa Medical

    Patrick Ch - Asa Medical10 dagen geleden

    In Indonesia and many other countries in South East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, etc), the Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme and all "Chinese-made" products are considered as for the "Low" and "Low-Middle Class" people stereotypically. Taiwanese-made and South Korean-made products are fairly considered to be "higher status". While Japanese-made and Western-made are considered as "Upper Class" and "Upper-Middle Class" products. Of course it really depends on the individual person and her/his reasons for using those mobile technology, but I would say that this is quite a real facts around the South East Asian's society, because I live in Indonesia, which maybe can represents quite many the "situation" here in South East Asia (except rich nations like Singapore, Brunei etc)

  107. Bob Hensem

    Bob Hensem10 dagen geleden

    The best things is,they release the source code for every single phone they make,make custom dev work esier

  108. CyberBlow Crasher2

    CyberBlow Crasher211 dagen geleden

    xiaomi is a preety good brand

  109. timuriu

    timuriu11 dagen geleden

    i have xiaomis wireless earbuds, they sound absolutely incredible

  110. Arvind Dhiman

    Arvind Dhiman11 dagen geleden

    " You turn us on by your smartphone "

  111. fauzi effendi

    fauzi effendi11 dagen geleden

    From hair to toe you can buy... You name it... Even rice cooker.. That why I like xiaomi

  112. Super Toast Gaming

    Super Toast Gaming12 dagen geleden

    "I-I just can't" Me to arun me too.

  113. Arby Elnar

    Arby Elnar12 dagen geleden

    If you're gonna copy something, do it better, and cheaper.

  114. The Genius Guy

    The Genius Guy12 dagen geleden

    The title should be: 40 things you didn't know about Xiaomi

  115. Bishnu Newar

    Bishnu Newar12 dagen geleden

    Prediction came true

  116. Tzabarpho

    Tzabarpho12 dagen geleden

    lol I have Redmi note 9s

  117. farhan

    farhan12 dagen geleden

    My favourite smartphone brand is Xiaomi . There main reason is good quality and awesome ui .love from Bangladesh.❤️🇧🇩

  118. Ritchie Dee

    Ritchie Dee12 dagen geleden

    mr, who is e? the boss.

  119. Ritchie Dee

    Ritchie Dee12 dagen geleden

    something you also didnt know... thats not a m, in their logo... its an N... i mean look at it.. its absolutely an N inside of an N..

  120. andrei sabau

    andrei sabau13 dagen geleden

    And now Xiaomi is on 2 in sellings,in front of Apple:)