The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss5 maanden geleden

    Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

  2. Hayden Mills

    Hayden Mills5 dagen geleden

    Hah my Motorola came with a charger.

  3. Sohum Raina

    Sohum Raina15 dagen geleden

    Remember me

  4. Sebastian Torres

    Sebastian Torres21 dag geleden


  5. 1000 subscribers with 5 videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with 5 videos challenge27 dagen geleden


  6. MC Jibi 007

    MC Jibi 007Maand geleden

    I feel like I got ripped off I should've just kept my eleven

  7. Martin Stone

    Martin Stone28 minuten geleden

    If it was about Eco then they would simply give you a free charger in store and do what they have done with the smaller boxes. Sadly, it is just another means to extract more money from loyal customers.

  8. Darkening

    DarkeningUur geleden

    3:42 Just realised that those wireless earphones cost more than a iPhone 12 deal at 3 or EE..

  9. Mike Lopez

    Mike Lopez2 uur geleden

    For real!!

  10. Sea Ocean

    Sea Ocean3 uur geleden

    I didn't get any earphones with my brand new s20 FE

  11. Alivia Osbs

    Alivia Osbs4 uur geleden

    The pink boat preferentially stretch because forest systemically avoid lest a industrious iris. unbecoming, incredible whip

  12. Davis Designs

    Davis Designs6 uur geleden

    *Advert:* Faster Charging and longer Battery Life *Me:* Chargers it with 5 year old charging brick

  13. Arshad Thasim

    Arshad Thasim9 uur geleden

    I wish Apple CEO watch this video. What they claim for no charger completely foolish. What he’s saying is correct. Buying a separate charger not only waste our money, that harms environment more. This time when I saw that without charger I totally dissatisfied.

  14. MandoMonge

    MandoMonge13 uur geleden

    Not only all you said, but also Tech companies making phone repairs incredibly difficult, forcing you to get a new phone only because your battery no longer holds a charge like before or your back glass cracked

  15. Digital_Utopia

    Digital_Utopia17 uur geleden

    1. USB-C has been around since at least the s10, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon 2. most people are changing phones about every 18 months - 2 years - because that's what the major carriers use as a lease term. 3. Charging speeds are the same between the s20 and s21, and possibly even the s22. 4. While carriers require you to return the device when upgrading, the device itself is all you need. So, with all that said, a huge percentage of users upgrading from an s20 to an s21, would still have a compatible charger and cable. If they did include one with the s21, there would be a crapton of extra chargers and cables. So yes, this decision would cut back on waste for the majority of users.

  16. Nick Aschenbecker

    Nick Aschenbecker19 uur geleden

    You people and your smartphones that cost more than $100...

  17. Bang Ben

    Bang Ben20 uur geleden

    Iphone in 2030: *no phone.*

  18. CoolvExtreme

    CoolvExtreme21 uur geleden

    9:36 do u see rick astley? U GOT RICROLLED!

  19. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar23 uur geleden

    Learnt a new thing today.. Not heard about GaN Chargers yet.. Thanks Man

  20. Kameron T

    Kameron TDag geleden

    And trying to make me not using apple is never gonna work Samsung.

  21. Kameron T

    Kameron TDag geleden

    I am lucky because I got an iPad Air (4th generation) and it’s got a USB-C Adapter and I just got my iPhone 12 mini and come to realize is that if there is none here, I’ll just use my iPad charger brick

  22. Zuwaria Sarafine

    Zuwaria SarafineDag geleden

    Dude you smart why not make your own company

  23. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYDag geleden

    5 years ago : We'll have really thin phones in the future Future : *Really thin phone... boxes*

  24. 11_Jason Maxmilan A.

    11_Jason Maxmilan A.Dag geleden

    Apple 2100: Blueprints only, make your own parts factory with the part mold that you need to buy for $1999 each, and the machines needed to assemble it, for $8999. go green.

  25. Aaron Mishael

    Aaron MishaelDag geleden

    nah apple just wants the money

  26. Im_a_frog_lol

    Im_a_frog_lolDag geleden

    Nice windmill cube

  27. Nico

    NicoDag geleden

    Mid-range: still everything in the box. Charger, headphones, cable .....

  28. 69

    69Dag geleden

    i got a charger :)

  29. Gangasagar Ransarje

    Gangasagar RansarjeDag geleden

    This is a huge mistake performed by apple.

  30. Jason Wolf

    Jason WolfDag geleden

    The only reason they don't give you a charger any more is because it save them money. Then get you to buy a charger from them to make even more money and in the end it just comes down to greed.

  31. Thậm Trần Thị

    Thậm Trần ThịDag geleden

    10:0 best moment

  32. F1REON

    F1REONDag geleden

    i think they should leave you the choice

  33. Chuck H

    Chuck HDag geleden

    5300 corpo execs disliked this video

  34. Štefan Balog

    Štefan BalogDag geleden

    Instead of not giving Chargers they should ban the takeaway made waste, even paper bags, plastic glasses, etc... so much waste is made by them, McDonald's, etc... and for that money, please give charger... this is basic...

  35. Dog

    DogDag geleden

    That's just stupid why would they take that out I'm going to probably use this phone until they get wires back

  36. Max vita

    Max vitaDag geleden

    apple:- no charger because of environment apple :- fuck environment give us money

  37. kaj olof

    kaj olofDag geleden

    Thoose "AKG" earphones that used to be included are just generic Samsung earphones with AKG branding. Basically, when Samsung bought Harmon (the company that owns AKG), Samsung closed down all the operations in Austria, and basically all the original AKG egineers got fired. The earphones is probably not bad for being included, but most 3rd party earphones should be a lot better.

  38. Indeflo

    IndefloDag geleden


  39. Lunch Box

    Lunch Box2 dagen geleden

    So they can charge you separately for it there just saved you 13 minutes

  40. Nikki Chronicles

    Nikki Chronicles2 dagen geleden

    If the were genuine then they would ALSO completely stop the production and sale of separate chargers for purchase. But I think their version of “Green” means something else 😉

  41. Cloudy Sky

    Cloudy Sky2 dagen geleden

    Damn,now I dont know if I should buy a Samsung S21 or not :(. thank you so much Mrwhosetheboss for this information

  42. Impirial Gaming

    Impirial Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Ima drive to apple and samsung and show them this video

  43. Impirial Gaming

    Impirial Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Yeah **ahem** apple

  44. Impirial Gaming

    Impirial Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Wait I don’t think apple ever included a case

  45. Indigo Dete

    Indigo Dete2 dagen geleden

    greedy bastards thats the main reason.

  46. Jkjkjk

    Jkjkjk2 dagen geleden

    Anker ftw

  47. Sarah Brady

    Sarah Brady2 dagen geleden

    The youthful partridge preauricularly smile because plow erroneously grease without a labored goat. billowy, tiny fear

  48. harry Potter story

    harry Potter story2 dagen geleden

    How it's wireless it's still need a cable/wire just in a different spot

  49. Nathalie Bungay

    Nathalie Bungay2 dagen geleden

    All phones take note

  50. damn

    damn2 dagen geleden

    you can just go to a technic store, dont have to get everything delivered

  51. Spoopy Smile

    Spoopy Smile2 dagen geleden

    It that really a question the reason is money

  52. Luiis

    Luiis2 dagen geleden

    they could make it optional

  53. Mo K

    Mo K2 dagen geleden

    How are you not angry and furious reading and exposing these companies bs man?!

  54. WAAAH Waluigi

    WAAAH Waluigi2 dagen geleden

    Why the HELL would you need to use a wire to charge a wireless charger. Most of the time it's not even rechargeable! It's just a waste of plastic!

  55. Mr10usdad

    Mr10usdad2 dagen geleden

    As usual Apple is full of BS. Most people do not have a USB-C charger. Apple does not want to pay a royalty to the people who made USB-C

  56. Freddie Barbarrossa

    Freddie Barbarrossa2 dagen geleden

    Let's be honest, they don't want to give stuff for free. That's it. Not clean environment. Not the cobalt mining. Nothing. They know the cost of production drops with smaller packaging. If they charge the same by giving less, they compound the profit. It's all about raising the profit ratio

  57. Error Hacker

    Error Hacker2 dagen geleden

    I use an 80 watt charger so eh

  58. theLazyDazy1

    theLazyDazy12 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: These large companies do not care about the environment at all. They only care to make you pay more. Splitting up the items into separate packages makes it look cheaper, but can cost 50% more

  59. Shadow of the Sharingan gaming

    Shadow of the Sharingan gaming3 dagen geleden

    uhh i buyed smasung galaxy f12 and i got the charger but i didnt get the headphone for it

  60. MrMemyselfandi415

    MrMemyselfandi4153 dagen geleden

    It's CRAP LIKE THIS that makes people HATE Apple with a passion! It's insulting how stupid they think we are. Having said that, if you have millions of dollars to piss on their products and accessories they do make great stuff. But the days of common sense "more for your money" great products are LONG GONE!!!

  61. Nazim Khan

    Nazim Khan3 dagen geleden

    They dont care about environment .....they just need more money

  62. AC Janis

    AC Janis3 dagen geleden

    My mom uses a wireless charger because a piece of the charger broke off inside her phone

  63. AC Janis

    AC Janis3 dagen geleden

    And she won’t pay to remove it

  64. Gaming With Rajesh

    Gaming With Rajesh3 dagen geleden

    totally agreed


    SURERCELL3 dagen geleden

    Yeah your right

  66. Aleezy here

    Aleezy here3 dagen geleden

    Hepl the environment; then stop selling the charger in the market !!

  67. Aleezy here

    Aleezy here3 dagen geleden

    This is fuck, if they're talking about environment, then why they sell charge separately from phone. They should fix a battery which works for five years 😂. Then we should say 'okay'

  68. Andy Roid

    Andy Roid3 dagen geleden

    This makes me sad.

  69. Waz

    Waz3 dagen geleden

    The solution is stop buying £1500-1800 phones when you can’t afford a fucking charging block and wireless headphones! Simple

  70. Ahmed zakariya

    Ahmed zakariya3 dagen geleden

    Lucky for a few people who bought a brand new 2020 iPad They can get the usb c to apple’s usb

  71. Adil Khan

    Adil Khan3 dagen geleden

    MHBHD should have brought this up when Cook on his channel

  72. Maple Chan

    Maple Chan3 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait for apple to make a wrong move and become the next nokia. They better not or else I’ll have to switch and that’s unbearable.

  73. Kim Morini

    Kim Morini3 dagen geleden

    OMG....."Cheap af" has me laughing.....

  74. Da Captain

    Da Captain3 dagen geleden

    motorola go brrrr i still get my charger

  75. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown3 dagen geleden

    only took me like 5 vidz in a row to realize i should probably sub and like already lol

  76. itachi is cool

    itachi is cool3 dagen geleden

    my 2020 android came with a charger

  77. ailsa pan

    ailsa pan3 dagen geleden

    Apple don’t have a free case

  78. Sidharath Vashisht

    Sidharath Vashisht3 dagen geleden

    So True 💯

  79. Kade Smash

    Kade Smash3 dagen geleden

    You're missing the whole point, and you were so close. They don't care about being green. The bonus on "being green" is it makes them "look good". What it really is, is they get more money for charging extra for stuff they were already including in the packaging for years for little to no cost.

  80. Cordell Johnson

    Cordell Johnson3 dagen geleden

    Why do people think cardboard packaging is bad at all, because most major cities have composting sites, and cardboard is completely biodegradable. The issue is the plastic, and the only way to avoid the extra plastic that always comes in a shipping box is to buy your charger in store which means now a days you have a far greater risk of getting COVID to do that. That’s why the lack of a charger is an issue. It’s not only shit for the environment but it causes real danger if you try to do everything you can to avoid the knock on effect.

  81. James Merlin

    James Merlin3 dagen geleden

    Might as well don't get a phone anymore.

  82. Thomas B.

    Thomas B.3 dagen geleden

    Honestly I 100% aggree with you, but youbwere wrong with the ammount of packaging... It's still more packaging, but you can order all extras (charger, case, headphones) from the same seller, and then yiu have a single big box xD it's still a lot of unnecesarry packaging and it's obvious that you even have to pay MORE... After all I'm 100%sure, that these changes are not for the environment or us... It's so they can sell more parts separately and get a hugher profit, the same th8ng most games do nowdays with the DLCs and micro transactions

  83. Zach the Sports Guy

    Zach the Sports Guy3 dagen geleden

    I thought stores got all their deliveries at once

  84. Starchie Halo

    Starchie Halo3 dagen geleden

    Gotta love too how they keep removing features but the price goes up lol Idk why people waste money on new phones

  85. Starchie Halo

    Starchie Halo3 dagen geleden

    Still makes literally no sense to remove headphone Jack's, no reason for me to buy a newer phone because they just keep making them even worse

  86. Antweeezzyyy ANT OP

    Antweeezzyyy ANT OP3 dagen geleden

    Either the new beats IE Amazon or older airpods even nose or anything of tht caliber they last for a good min jss

  87. Antweeezzyyy ANT OP

    Antweeezzyyy ANT OP3 dagen geleden

    You should already have wireless headphones by now I'm gonna be honest

  88. Souranil Chakraborty

    Souranil Chakraborty3 dagen geleden

    Still using the old 5 watt adapter for my devices although fast chargers i have

  89. Antweeezzyyy ANT OP

    Antweeezzyyy ANT OP3 dagen geleden

    Bruh you don't have to order everything I get amazon op but damn bruh go to a store you won't waste nearly as much packaging IF you really gave af abt the environmental affects

  90. Cv

    Cv4 dagen geleden

    1:11 that's a type of charger for South Korea

  91. Homer_hop

    Homer_hop4 dagen geleden

    Did anybody see the rick roll

  92. Alireza Abbasvand

    Alireza Abbasvand4 dagen geleden


  93. Zarif Khondaker

    Zarif Khondaker4 dagen geleden

    ummm at 4:21 akg doesnt acc supply the noise, all the engineers and headphone veterans that worked at akg dont worm there anymore, so the sound quality is all samsung

  94. Flamingarrow

    Flamingarrow4 dagen geleden

    And soon they will stop putting a phone in the box

  95. JustAmir5

    JustAmir54 dagen geleden

    9:36 rickroll bottom right

  96. Osama Sadik

    Osama Sadik4 dagen geleden

    The REAL reason Why you don’t geht a Charger anymore , is that Apple make more Money 👌

  97. what you know about rolling down in the deep

    what you know about rolling down in the deep4 dagen geleden

    2 years later: No case 4 years later: No phone

  98. enz

    enz4 dagen geleden

    poco f3: includes a charger and a plastic case

  99. Matanumi

    Matanumi4 dagen geleden

    Imagine buying a phone with no ports..... Phone technology is civilization

  100. MatiMatiYT

    MatiMatiYT4 dagen geleden

    Its just so you have to but it separately and the company gets more money

  101. Dr Abhijit Jaiswal

    Dr Abhijit Jaiswal4 dagen geleden

    A propaganda started by these companies to justify their drastic surge in income 🤷🏻‍♂️

  102. Mickey Martinez

    Mickey Martinez4 dagen geleden

    I f'n hate these profiteering companies, that don't care about shiting on people just to goose their profits. But what people don't realize is that We The People are the ones with the power. We just choose to relinquish it.

  103. jakpote34

    jakpote344 dagen geleden

    Apple forcing costumer to buy individual stuff for 1 phone and called it eco-frendly when they just threw the problem somewhere else

  104. William Diaz

    William Diaz4 dagen geleden

    The real reason a charger isn't included isn't because of their environmental impact, it's simply to sell you another product separately - which SURPRISE - it still needs to be packaged and shipped in a separate box rather than inside the phone box. So they make money, negate their environmental impact by trying to fool us that just cause iphone box is smaller it means more to ship being more efficient but what about the paperboard and all that manufacturing process to sell a product for $39.99 fooling us that it's good for the environment when in fact it's actually much much worse.