The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss2 maanden geleden

    I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:

  2. alita carolino

    alita carolino17 dagen geleden

    Try Infinix Note

  3. Tech wild gaming

    Tech wild gaming21 dag geleden

    U should also include iqoo 7 legend in this video 😭


    YOUNG INDIANMaand geleden

    Where is f**King iqoo 7

  5. Steven1 Godfrey

    Steven1 GodfreyMaand geleden

  6. Joseph. reyes from new joke 2

    Joseph. reyes from new joke 22 maanden geleden

    12:41 stop showing me this I'm jealous cause ik I can't afford an iPhone for a long time

  7. Jibo tv

    Jibo tv10 minuten geleden

    How I wish you could donate some to me 😔

  8. Jussie Cinematic’s

    Jussie Cinematic’sUur geleden

    Intresting that you complety left out Motorola G30 it's a grate phone for its price I was wondering how you think it stacks up was disappointed that you didn't even mention it I watched the entire video for that. However you did grate work kept me interested and learned a lot of brands that I didn't even know, you had a ship load of money spent on all those phones I lol when the cat jumped on the table you didn't jump much lol. I'll keep watching for your response to this message you haven't earned a subscribe yet but I give you a 👍.

  9. MAHADIN Alam

    MAHADIN Alam2 uur geleden


  10. MAHADIN Alam

    MAHADIN Alam2 uur geleden


  11. Izzudin Hisham

    Izzudin Hisham2 uur geleden

    Wow my phone is the second best !

  12. Yunita Silvia Ningtyas

    Yunita Silvia Ningtyas2 uur geleden

    And I literally scream when you announce the 1st, because I use the POCO F3 and I didn't expected it would be the best.

  13. Jhalak Dahal

    Jhalak Dahal6 uur geleden


  14. Time To Travel

    Time To Travel6 uur geleden


  15. Tech Hacker

    Tech Hacker6 uur geleden

    What about asus rog 5 ultimate

  16. Oliver Silweya

    Oliver Silweya7 uur geleden

    So can please you review any tecno phone I would really appreciate it

  17. Oliver Silweya

    Oliver Silweya7 uur geleden

    And I love that passionfruit series it's just so funny it makes me want to actually buy one😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅

  18. Oliver Silweya

    Oliver Silweya7 uur geleden

    Or any tecno phone but please not in your biggest fail series

  19. Oliver Silweya

    Oliver Silweya7 uur geleden

    How come you have never put or reviewed the tecno camon 17 pro or the 18 in your videos

  20. Thanujaya Tennekoon

    Thanujaya Tennekoon7 uur geleden


  21. mcryan omar

    mcryan omar8 uur geleden

    i had to subscribe great content

  22. I'm Nithyn

    I'm Nithyn8 uur geleden

    Watching in poco f3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. KAI Pulla

    KAI Pulla9 uur geleden

    Bro where is iqoo z3 and iqoo 7 and iqoo 7 legend???

  24. Martin Ivanov

    Martin Ivanov9 uur geleden

    I got the Mi 11i, which is the same as the Poco F3 but with the SD888 for even cheaper. It's amazing!

  25. helltotheno

    helltotheno9 uur geleden

    These phones are hella expensive 4 me my budget for a phone is 150$ lmao

  26. Albert Tom

    Albert Tom10 uur geleden

    I liked your review. but when searching for your #1, and #2 Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro , or the poco f3, they are saying are not compatible with my carrier (cricket), so you might have to factor these variable on your ranking.. Is no good, if is not working. With that been said, I didn't bother to look any other inexpensive brand for the same reason. Btw I'm from Los Angeles, if that helps in terms of phone carriers (USA)... but thanks for the review.

  27. Akioタカハシ

    Akioタカハシ13 uur geleden

    14:31 Rick Astley? How did you get in there-

  28. Hing Wei Ching

    Hing Wei Ching15 uur geleden

    Your presentation not represent everyone needs. All your discussion was camera .... errrrr..... Battery durable, space of storage, fast searching, clear image, easy to use, that's most buyer/user need .😃

  29. Ammo Man

    Ammo Man17 uur geleden

    How the hell do you get WHOSE out of WHO'S ???

  30. DarkAngel52321

    DarkAngel5232118 uur geleden

    I can get the POCO in my region. 🧡

  31. Art De Guzman

    Art De Guzman19 uur geleden

    12:50 never gonna give

  32. Saqib Shah

    Saqib Shah20 uur geleden

    love your voice ❤

  33. Andreas Salomonsson

    Andreas Salomonsson22 uur geleden

    i have had my Huawei P20 lite for a few years now and it's time for a new phone. This video has helped me alot but i still have no idea what to get.

  34. raygameZzzzzz

    raygameZzzzzz22 uur geleden

    I have Nokia 3

  35. Tech Time

    Tech Time22 uur geleden

    You should make a full review of the Poco f3

  36. Douglas Weller

    Douglas WellerDag geleden

    I would like to see a review on Nokia G10 from YOU..

  37. Ryno van der Merwe

    Ryno van der MerweDag geleden

    I feel so sad that Huawei isn't included, especially since the Mate 40 Pro is such a good phone

  38. Buddy BEAVERS

    Buddy BEAVERSDag geleden

    The name of the video is "THE BEST PHONES" Not the most worth it phone. so shouldn't the S21 ultra and mi 11 ultra be #1 &2🤔

  39. Esther Adeflourish

    Esther AdeflourishDag geleden

    love your vidios

  40. D'Ascoyne

    D'AscoyneDag geleden

    How many people watched this to see if their phone made the list so they can get a sense of validation?

  41. Soultaker93

    Soultaker93Dag geleden

    You can literally make a desk out of all those phones...

  42. Selby ARcher

    Selby ARcherDag geleden

    Can't believe Motorola didn't get on that list

  43. Lorenzo Caliri

    Lorenzo CaliriDag geleden

    Try to guess why I bought my poco f3 in April,now it's even discounted

  44. Gryfoenix

    GryfoenixDag geleden

    Why isn't there any Huawei phone?

  45. NeXusGameHD

    NeXusGameHDDag geleden

    I got rick rolled twice in this video

  46. Aamir Rauf

    Aamir RaufDag geleden

    Where is note 20 ultra???

  47. Dominic Lawak

    Dominic LawakDag geleden

    Lol i still use the samsung j7🤐

  48. Dominic Lawak

    Dominic LawakDag geleden

    What are you doing with all these phones? Love your videos lol also love watching things i can't affort

  49. Nightshade_DX8.1

    Nightshade_DX8.1Dag geleden

    OMG! How many phone does this guy have

  50. shounen control

    shounen controlDag geleden

    Your voice is cool

  51. Aşırı Normal Kişi - ANK

    Aşırı Normal Kişi - ANKDag geleden

    4:08 what the heck did you do :0

  52. Can'tFindMo

    Can'tFindMoDag geleden

    I didnt have enough time to finish so I hope you did

  53. Can'tFindMo

    Can'tFindMoDag geleden

    I really hope you included the samsung a21s

  54. Makaveli YT

    Makaveli YTDag geleden

    Can you please do best smartwatch?


    ASIAN DRAMADag geleden

    I love your accent

  56. Hicham Gouchida

    Hicham GouchidaDag geleden

    HELLO give me the Redmi Note10Pro or any budget phone Please if you can ♥

  57. Bitchi naneun solo

    Bitchi naneun soloDag geleden

    im glad there are creators like him on youtube :)

  58. Bitchi naneun solo

    Bitchi naneun soloDag geleden

    his outro music just makes me want to watch the video till the end


    SIDDHARTH GUPTADag geleden

    Sir please tell me about note 20 ultra vs s21 plus

  60. SnugPug

    SnugPugDag geleden

    As a person who never uses a camera, that ZTE axon is my dream phone

  61. Anurag Sawant

    Anurag SawantDag geleden

    04:09 my boy Arun just threwwwwww the mini down🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. black saint

    black saintDag geleden

    Realize u dont do lg

  63. gentle pro x جنتل برو

    gentle pro x جنتل بروDag geleden

    I have the same content but better😍🤩📿💮🥰😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Find4W4y

    Find4W4yDag geleden

    No phone can run genshin impact on the highest settings without getting very hot.

  65. Roberto Richmond

    Roberto RichmondDag geleden

    I gah laugh lil dwag he crying out bout price when he whole table full wid phone watch skunt hayyy

  66. ken-i Afterthefact

    ken-i AfterthefactDag geleden

    cat is doing the most.

  67. arbimd2

    arbimd2Dag geleden

    The phone catches are getting so smooth I am started to doubt if they are real or edited 😂. Excellent video

  68. rian rara

    rian raraDag geleden

    Mi 11 lite is not in the list😢

  69. Shirel Rotholz

    Shirel RotholzDag geleden

    I suggest you read about Xiaomi backdoor. I think that might be the only, but quite big minus about Xiaomi. Thanks for the video though! It was very useful! 😃

  70. kadri Gurra

    kadri GurraDag geleden

    I am going to order the number one I hope you right

  71. consu mérisme

    consu mérismeDag geleden

    no chinese product until china acknowledge democracy ! respect environment and human liberty gays, ouighours, tibetain, freedom of speech etc

  72. Martin Eta

    Martin EtaDag geleden

    why did you leave out the LGV60 Thin Q. That was not fair

  73. Nike Thaddeus

    Nike ThaddeusDag geleden

    6:36 👌🏽😍

  74. Ni30 kr

    Ni30 krDag geleden

    Bhai ek phone gift krde mujhe

  75. Sonu Sharma

    Sonu SharmaDag geleden

    Good 👍

  76. ugen lepcha

    ugen lepchaDag geleden

    11:05 feeling proud to be using the pixel. Still making it to the top 10 since the year it launched.

  77. Shakhbos Kurbonov

    Shakhbos Kurbonov2 dagen geleden

    what about Meizu 18 pro? although it isn't global yet

  78. Mohammed Asaa

    Mohammed Asaa2 dagen geleden

    Informative and fun watching, as always

  79. It's Me

    It's Me2 dagen geleden

    iQOO 7 legend is a great phone right?

  80. Vegito Blue

    Vegito Blue2 dagen geleden

    i was gonna buy the note 10 pro and now i must as lord arun has put it number 2

  81. DeathSlayer X9X

    DeathSlayer X9X2 dagen geleden

    This guy sure loves Rick rolling

  82. Johnathan chenault

    Johnathan chenault2 dagen geleden

    @4:09 did he just drop the iPhone 📱 lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  83. -Childs-

    -Childs-2 dagen geleden

    Sad to see Huawei no longer in the mix-

  84. ThatCarGuy 17

    ThatCarGuy 172 dagen geleden

    7:08 “PassionFruit?”


    AMAZON BEST PRODUCTS 2.02 dagen geleden

    One plus i like the most...

  86. CookyMonster

    CookyMonster2 dagen geleden

    I bought the ROG phone 2 months ago and I just refuse to ever go back to 60hz displays. These are garbage and belong there.

  87. ennatay

    ennatay2 dagen geleden

    Glad to see that the phone that I liked is #1..So sad I cant afford it 😭

  88. synhexyl

    synhexylDag geleden

    typing this on a poco F3 rn

  89. Saif Patrawala

    Saif Patrawala2 dagen geleden

    pixel is a name of one of my 3 cats!

  90. the Monster

    the Monster2 dagen geleden


  91. brian

    brian2 dagen geleden

    Need show where get phoes

  92. Arshan Saifi

    Arshan Saifi2 dagen geleden

    15:00 redmi note 10 pro

  93. Thinh Tran

    Thinh Tran2 dagen geleden

    The Redmagic 6 Pro should have a spot on this list. Snapdragon 888, internal fan, 165Hz Refresh rate, 16GB RAM, 256GB storage, 5050mah battery for $699.

  94. Aditya Tiwary

    Aditya Tiwary2 dagen geleden

    I wish i could be his brother

  95. Mister Infinite Idea

    Mister Infinite Idea2 dagen geleden

    I like the Redmi Note 10 Pro alooot and i mean alot alot alot of likes to it

  96. Basti7832's minecraft series 2!!!!!!!!

    Basti7832's minecraft series 2!!!!!!!!2 dagen geleden

    ur rich

  97. simon

    simon2 dagen geleden

    Such an annoying voice hanging onto wooooooords fooooooor tooooooooo looooooooong. horrible sounds like he needs his mummy.

  98. David Jaron

    David Jaron2 dagen geleden

    Which phone had the best camera under 700$

  99. Charles glen Liberato

    Charles glen Liberato2 dagen geleden

    How about the realme GT

  100. Ciphered

    Ciphered2 dagen geleden

    Im definitely considering poco f3 thanks alot!!

  101. Hagos Tadesse

    Hagos Tadesse2 dagen geleden

    Very good boy

  102. Ashish Singh

    Ashish Singh2 dagen geleden

    The catch though at 5:49

  103. kamysamaa

    kamysamaa2 dagen geleden

    299$ the pixel 4a...where do you live mate? Pixel 4a costs over 500$ new now 07.2021 my it easy with the bull****.