STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    MrwhosethebossMaand geleden

    Send this video to someone you think would actually buy this 😭 To see my full Cryptocurrency Guide for beginners: Or to see the tiniest Tech on the Planet:

  2. Dorian Vdović

    Dorian Vdović5 uur geleden

    there is something that i know its scam but it is so widely spread in EU that is unbeliveble... its called quantum diagnostics or sth like that... so my ex wife still believe this crap. problem is that ppl are scaming ppl not knowing dangers of it. so idea is there is a tech, that you put your name in it your informations and it tells you your health isues and it can cure you... before you had to hold on some sticks etc.... but now it works o far away.... so like i can heal you all away from croatia and charge you 200$ for it... check that out if you would like

  3. Raccoon Vill

    Raccoon VillDag geleden

    You still owe me 37¢

  4. taylor cooper

    taylor cooperDag geleden

    Please take a cheap geiger counter to these products. Check to see if there radioactive.

  5. taylor cooper

    taylor cooperDag geleden

    mrwhostheboss: Throw all of these away. The thought emporium did an investigation into these radiation blocking products. Many were actually found to be radioactive. So these ones very well could be radioactive too.

  6. blue night

    blue night3 dagen geleden

    @Volcanic Ash yea was looking for one of the videos to link

  7. Ash19256

    Ash1925621 minuut geleden

    I'd strongly suggest not wearing the bracelet for extended periods of time (or sleeping next to the koala) until you've had someone make sure they aren't radioactive - a lot of these "radiation harmonizer" or "negative ion" products using radioactive isotopes - commonly some form of Thorium - to produce the negative ions. The Thought Emporium did an excellent pair of videos on the topic. Even if you don't have the hardware or knowledge to do the testing yourself, it's definitely something to look into.

  8. Tebla

    Tebla25 minuten geleden

    The funny thing is, if these products did actually work they would surely stop your phone/laptop/wireless devices from working?! This video has made me lose all faith in amazon customer ratings.

  9. BlazingKhioneus

    BlazingKhioneus49 minuten geleden

    The thumbnail made me think you were going to dunk on wireless chargers. I'm slightly disappointed.

  10. Shell Bmgo

    Shell Bmgo59 minuten geleden

    I bought it it works (jk)

  11. Jizzmeh

    JizzmehUur geleden

    These guys are more stupid than me lol

  12. kru muay nitesh pillai

    kru muay nitesh pillaiUur geleden

    You are So Wrong! I have them all, and they Work!.... 🤔🤣 No, just kidding... This was a fun break vdo... HARE KRISHNA, Arun.

  13. Brian M

    Brian M2 uur geleden

    Love your content bro, amazing reviews… but that logo tho🤣🤣🤣, I swear everyone I see I splash across the screen it’s gonna be for a review on a Motorola device

  14. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell2 uur geleden

    Why did I read bullying instead of buying? Lol

  15. Rick Tyman

    Rick Tyman3 uur geleden

    Look up crystals - so many people think they do things like cleaning your aura, bad energy and creating health effects. They're being sold for so much more and it's all nonsense.

  16. MoonSh0ttAlch3mist

    MoonSh0ttAlch3mist3 uur geleden

    You could take my Science GCSE answers and they'll believe it's a legit product

  17. István Szikra

    István Szikra3 uur geleden

    0:57 probably placebo effect... or the effect of "sponsored" reviews WTF does "positively charged electromagnetic radiation" mean? Positive particle emission? Ions, positrons, alpha radiation? Your phone doesn't emit those!


    NG EN ZE DENZEL -4 uur geleden This video tells you about how these are scams and is actually radioactive. You should go see it

  19. Lee Richardson

    Lee Richardson4 uur geleden

    Orgone is a just a BTEC version of the force XD

  20. loldog705

    loldog7054 uur geleden

    7:13-7:15 DESTROYED

  21. VengefulOtaku

    VengefulOtaku5 uur geleden


  22. Kittenguye YT

    Kittenguye YT5 uur geleden


  23. Freezr ❄️

    Freezr ❄️6 uur geleden

    Boss:what should be the 2nd strange? Video:R Boss:R? Video:yes Boss: *Stranger*

  24. hel io

    hel io7 uur geleden

    The ill-fated storm densply charge because cotton regrettably measure aside a ajar pedestrian. testy, hungry bandana

  25. Aftab Khan

    Aftab Khan7 uur geleden

    The last strange scale should be more like Dr strange …… get it , get it. PLS LAUGH THE FBI IS AFTER ME ( they ain’t)

  26. SoulDevoured

    SoulDevoured8 uur geleden

    He said you have mono. Not herpes. And most people do have Epstein Barr virus. We get it in childhood and our immune system kicks ir into dormancy. That's why teenagers get very sick when they get it. It's one of those weird things that a young immune system is best to deal with. Chicken pox is the same way. That's why parents actually encouraged their children to catch it before there was a vaccine. Chicken pox is an obvious infection in childhood. Mononucleosis not so much. That's why almost no one knows if they had it when there's an outbreak in their high school

  27. Paul Keith

    Paul Keith8 uur geleden

    Yes, there are THAT MANY gullible idiots in the world!

  28. Rubab

    Rubab9 uur geleden

    Rip 5G 8:06

  29. Harper Taplin

    Harper Taplin12 uur geleden

    Definitely a lot about psychology here

  30. Helen Nethers

    Helen Nethers12 uur geleden

    Listen to a youtuber or listen to a real scientist like wilhelm reich? waste of my time

  31. Derrick Carroll

    Derrick Carroll12 uur geleden

    Sounds like homeopathy

  32. killerB 187 R.O.D stunna

    killerB 187 R.O.D stunna13 uur geleden

    I like watching your videos because there's no shortage of idiots, people who will believe in anything, but I shouldn't call them idiots they've been misled, one of my family members love Herbalife, it doesn't do everything for the human body but they believe in it, just like technology people have been misled by people who want money, my new motto is Don't be greedy.

  33. Crikit

    Crikit14 uur geleden

    these companies: headache? its bc of that damn phone

  34. Vannessa YT

    Vannessa YT15 uur geleden

    i mean like scaring your children about the technology will get them off it for a while :/

  35. Vannessa YT

    Vannessa YT15 uur geleden

    "Rick Astley body pillow"

  36. ForHer

    ForHer15 uur geleden

    Me: Hey, mom I have a stomachache Mom: IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE ALWAYS ON THAT DAMN PHONE Me: ... This company: Actually, shes right! according to my calculatoins 5G waves are in you're body making you feel sick. Mom: told you Me: ......................................................derp......................................................

  37. Dream Boat

    Dream Boat18 uur geleden

    Hes correct and incorrect. Its a scam because you can print out the star of david and tape it to your device. Hes imprecise because using a subconscious muscle strength test, the body (subconscious mind) states that it decreases the harming effect of the exuding waves from the device. look into sacred geometry with your own discretion. Its edgy territory on the verge of witchcraft. (Which is demonic) P.S Being open minded is your choice. Remember that knowledge is what enables one to be wrong.

  38. Litespark

    Litespark18 uur geleden

    And that's not all. All so called "negative ion" products are actually _radioactive_ Search "negative ion products are actually radioactive" by The Thought Emporium on youtube to see for yourself. There was even a BLANKET with thorium infused in it.

  39. Kenny Chabala

    Kenny Chabala19 uur geleden

    I wouldn’t want to pay this guy’s phone bill

  40. ArthurKal

    ArthurKal19 uur geleden

    These dumb ass products are just a way to profit off of tinfoil hatters

  41. Firez

    Firez21 uur geleden

    So if you break it down they use a common feeling (sneezing, or headache) to make sure that everyone has felt it and say it’s a problem of some sort and say they have a cure in a product but most people would know what caused such feeling.

  42. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor21 uur geleden

    Yo holy shit I heard about that Orgone stuff on a true crime podcast. There was a literal cult based around that stuff and people actually died from that cult leaders actions. It's an insane rabbit hole.

  43. Keenan L

    Keenan L21 uur geleden

    this reminds me of a guy who would show up to a store i work at and whenever he was around someone with a phone hed get super tense and ask to have the phone moved away from hm because the radiation caused him actual pain. he would carry a scanner around all the time too. very interesting to say the least

  44. Primal Aspid

    Primal Aspid23 uur geleden

    i have an explanation for the positive reveiws:fake reveiws

  45. Primal Aspid

    Primal Aspid22 uur geleden

    and if microwave radiation is bad then an ultraviolet flashlights or whatever they are called are are fucking killers

  46. krayzee kat

    krayzee kat23 uur geleden

    Wait… but isn’t herpes an S T D? So that means it could only be transformed mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-pp, pp-to-mouth, or pp-to-pp (pp meaning private part, includes both male and female systems). So unless microwave radiation is giving me the taste of someone’s pp every time I open my mouth, I couldn’t have gotten herpes any other way.

  47. Rauthaz

    RauthazDag geleden

    This kind of stuff has been selling like hotcakes in Malaysia under MLM schemes as long as 10 years ago. They use all sorts of pseudoscientific explanations to attempt to convince people any of this is true. My grandaunt had a anti-radiation PEN which works by just WAVING IT IN THE AIR and even a water bottle. They just kept using the word 'quantum' on every single one of these products.

  48. Keksíček

    KeksíčekDag geleden

    Sentinese kid: Mom I have a headache.. Mom: WELL THATS BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY LOOKING ON YOUR!.. ...

  49. 541 Adarsh Naik

    541 Adarsh NaikDag geleden

    This is what happens when u bunk your physics classes

  50. The Thought Emporium

    The Thought EmporiumDag geleden

    So this is actually a lot worse than you realized. Many of the products are specifically labeled as "negative ion" which is what they claim neutralize the radiation. The thing is, the products do actually release ions.... because they've been laced with thorium dioxide and are fairly radioactive. I made 2 videos about it, running the products through gamma spectroscopy, and electron beam spectroscopy to prove it amongst other tests. And 3 companies have since been shut down by the US nuclear regulatory commission because of the videos, and dozens more were forced to pull their products from amazon.

  51. Conaill O'Neill

    Conaill O'NeillDag geleden

    Those 3 steps sound like the “pandemic” 😂

  52. GP33

    GP33Dag geleden

    These things are highly radioactive themselves......

  53. Discord Guy

    Discord GuyDag geleden

    Positively charged? Last time I checked EM radiation was AC and not bumpy DC, but fair enough. Mehdi from Electroboom should rectify this.

  54. Heather Marie McKeon

    Heather Marie McKeonDag geleden

    hilarious, sick AND sad all at the same time. People this willing to scam others make me angry and they need slapped.

  55. AA10 The Great

    AA10 The GreatDag geleden

    Coconut Mall NOICE

  56. john cooper

    john cooperDag geleden

    you can't fix stupid ~ so sell them something

  57. ᄉᄋ

    ᄉᄋDag geleden

    10:38 😂

  58. Toko cat Gwalk

    Toko cat GwalkDag geleden

    The background song is a rickroll

  59. Aakash Suryavanshi

    Aakash SuryavanshiDag geleden

    when a tech channel does more research than a manufacturing company itself

  60. Vicivity

    VicivityDag geleden

    As an Australian: I am sorry we have arseholes selling this fear mongering pieces of crap.

  61. ConnorConnor

    ConnorConnorDag geleden

    2:13 death

  62. aryaman chaudhary

    aryaman chaudharyDag geleden

    What the fuck does 'RICKROLL' means??

  63. Mr.spider1

    Mr.spider1Dag geleden

    PassionFruit and Escobar: First Time?

  64. Max G

    Max GDag geleden

    Chances are, those dizziness and headaches they experience are caused by temporo mandibular joint disorder. GO TO TMJ SPECIALISTS PEOPLE!

  65. LearnEveryday ph

    LearnEveryday phDag geleden

    any feedback about ener chi products...

  66. A W

    A WDag geleden

    So "they" are democrats. Good to know.

  67. Julie Horecka

    Julie HoreckaDag geleden

    I said Scientology levels of weird

  68. Peter B

    Peter BDag geleden

    Some of these are actually harmful and radioactive.

  69. Tanktastic

    TanktasticDag geleden

    i am gonna start a business

  70. Tanktastic

    TanktasticDag geleden

    they think we are stupid and yes they are right people are stupid

  71. Tanktastic

    TanktasticDag geleden

    5g is harmful lmao people are funny

  72. Truong Kevin

    Truong KevinDag geleden

    The amazing steel promisingly suppose because processing seasonally communicate barring a adventurous croissant. whispering, disastrous felony

  73. Billy

    BillyDag geleden

    Sadly many people are far more stupid than you can imagine. Not only would they buy any or all of those products, they would highly recommend them. It's hard to feel sorry for anyone stupid enough enough to buy such things. Yes, it's a scam but it obviously works as a placebo.

  74. Grand

    GrandDag geleden

    north sentinel island☺️☺️

  75. Athithan

    AthithanDag geleden

    What the company really didn’t anticipate was a doofus came along and decided to drop $700 in their pocket.😑🤦🏽‍♂️

  76. Raghavendra Singh

    Raghavendra SinghDag geleden

    i saw the OG guy who made it, in a youtube video like 5 years ago, but it was about free internet

  77. Ashy Brawl Stars

    Ashy Brawl StarsDag geleden

    I literally opened the radiation harmonizer up and it was 2 stickers and piece of plastic 😂😂😂there was nothing at all that could done anything about radiation lol😂waste of money

  78. There is a Spy Among Us

    There is a Spy Among UsDag geleden

    "What do I do with the wand? Avada Kedavra."

  79. That Onion

    That OnionDag geleden

    What these companies probably do, is go on Facebook, and advertise their products, with free rebates for a positive review. Very illegal.

  80. mmos

    mmosDag geleden

    rick astley body pillow

  81. soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇ

    soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇDag geleden

    so basically they are false advertising

  82. R e i k o

    R e i k oDag geleden

    I bet the target audience for the harmonizer thing are anti 5G Karens

  83. Kiro X Plays

    Kiro X PlaysDag geleden

    My mother bought a bunch of them radiation harmonizers, I knew it was bullshit. Thanks to Arun for backing up my claim

  84. kermitrehab

    kermitrehabDag geleden

    this is same thing as people loving android phones! :D


    EXPERT LUNATICDag geleden

    5:37 guys i realized that my IQ is at 5782973562456324198 after doing the same test

  86. pheanix [au]

    pheanix [au]2 dagen geleden

    Someone designed these products as novelties, but no one bought them, so someone came up with the novel ideas you treat in this video.

  87. pheanix [au]

    pheanix [au]2 dagen geleden

    You're far too generous. We Aussies would say, "About as useless as teats on a bull !" LOL

  88. Toddyqwest Chicken knight

    Toddyqwest Chicken knight2 dagen geleden

    I think this stuff is just the placebo effect

  89. Got Em Carts

    Got Em Carts2 dagen geleden

    The equal goose longitudinally tap because sweater differently stamp regarding a itchy secure. married, calculating insurance

  90. IsTakenIsTaken - ITIT

    IsTakenIsTaken - ITIT2 dagen geleden

    Just the site name is already sketchy… orgone is pseudoscience from the 1950s… sit in a box to get magic orgasm energy!

  91. 11_Jason Maxmilan A.

    11_Jason Maxmilan A.2 dagen geleden

    Alt title: Bunch of stone age tribes discover amazon and sells junk to repel technological advancement.

  92. ZackIsTheMan Playz

    ZackIsTheMan Playz2 dagen geleden

    Same for the Democrats

  93. Wage

    Wage2 dagen geleden

    This Guy has to be one of the most wholesome passive-aggressive people I’ve ever seen

  94. Mr. GarmeX

    Mr. GarmeX2 dagen geleden

    9:55 what was he was searching for? XD

  95. Matteo C

    Matteo C2 dagen geleden

    Cat! 😍

  96. JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen

    JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen2 dagen geleden

    AWWWW SO CUTE!!!! 7:12

  97. Chukwunwike Edozie

    Chukwunwike Edozie2 dagen geleden

    Radiation harmonizes are placebos

  98. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi2 dagen geleden


  99. Toby's Cars

    Toby's Cars2 dagen geleden

    Song where he breaks the fake green thing: Down With The Sickness

  100. Digital_Utopia

    Digital_Utopia2 dagen geleden

    It's basically the placebo effect in action.

  101. Godzilla

    Godzilla2 dagen geleden

    Is the Koala actually good, beacuse it look cute af

  102. Anime clipx

    Anime clipx2 dagen geleden

    6:23 we got rick rolled

  103. Bacon 🥓

    Bacon 🥓2 dagen geleden

    "rick astley body pillow" 🗿🗿🗿

  104. Tanner Parker

    Tanner Parker2 dagen geleden

    Love that u put down with the sickness from Disturbed. HELL YEAH BOSS!!!🤟🏻🔥☠💯