ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Unboxing - So Fast it's Funny.

Unboxing and Review of both the ROG Phone 5 & ROG Phone 5 Ultimate edition, the two fastest, most powerful smartphones in 2021...But, there's a catch.

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    Yet again, 800 of you beat me to first you guys have one ready to go or something? 😂 To check out my last video on a very interesting smartphone gadget:

  2. Akali

    Akali8 dagen geleden

    where would i go to get this phone

  3. Jasdeep Singh

    Jasdeep Singh12 dagen geleden


  4. Nash Macalandong

    Nash MacalandongMaand geleden


  5. The 3rd Sus

    The 3rd SusMaand geleden

    Where could I get one

  6. Movie_ plaza_

    Movie_ plaza_2 maanden geleden

  7. Frostify

    Frostify8 uur geleden

    Rick roll at 7:20 at top right corner

  8. VVA. s1197

    VVA. s119711 uur geleden

    The best phone is nubea red magic

  9. God of Fire

    God of Fire12 uur geleden

    Hit like if you believe the Pixel 5 can become a great contrast to this mobile🙂

  10. Barbarossa_Togasa

    Barbarossa_Togasa19 uur geleden

    As one of the members of their target consumer base, I have no idea why they didn't beefup the camera. Seeing how social media and streaming is the main source of income to most of us in this space, a ground breaking front and back camera is essential. With all that extra ram they could of easily pushed in a built in streaming OBS style platform.

  11. Chronosverse

    Chronosverse22 uur geleden

    Damn, he rickrolled us...

  12. Celal Fatih Kuyucu

    Celal Fatih KuyucuDag geleden

    I mean those who buy these phones buy it for gaming so they wouldnt care less about the camera actually

  13. enon 2

    enon 2Dag geleden


  14. テーラーバイットTerraByte

    テーラーバイットTerraByteDag geleden

    Ah yes, now we need Android to actually allow device sound recording so that ASUS can aim for the streamer and NLpushr group

  15. テーラーバイットTerraByte

    テーラーバイットTerraByteDag geleden

    It's good that ASUS is aiming for certain groups instead of the whole public imo because as larger companies fight to conquer a large part of the market, they have already secured a small spot that no one will probably take away from them

  16. alan alan

    alan alanDag geleden

    hi im an ethical hacker(linux,c++,python) and an sr game engine dev(c++) and an os dev(c++) and asus ROG 5 Is Pretty good but its like only for gaming the performance blows of apple i think they should add some features for programmers like me and like yea the security lvl is high

  17. alan alan

    alan alanDag geleden

    this company defeated apple

  18. Adel Evangelista

    Adel EvangelistaDag geleden

    nice videos I hope i can get 1 of your best phone, I really wont a good phone but i don't have money :( i really2x wish you can Give me one @Mrwhosetheboss we love you and we all ways watching your channel


    FIGHTERz MLBBDag geleden

    7:14 i just got rick rolled

  20. Obama Prism

    Obama PrismDag geleden

    18 gb of ram..... That's more than my pc and laptop combined

  21. Tyty Heng

    Tyty HengDag geleden

    Yo, the gaming community isn’t that- small. A whole bunch of us will actually want that model. Considering the camera won’t be an issue since WE DONT TAKE PICTURES.

  22. Paul Ummacheril

    Paul UmmacherilDag geleden

    ya know rog mean republic of gamers

  23. christian martinez

    christian martinezDag geleden

    It's a gaming phone, I'd be happy if it didn't even come with a camera in the first place

  24. Raul

    RaulDag geleden


  25. araska

    araskaDag geleden

    Bruh i can charge my switch with this charger

  26. ThePersian

    ThePersian2 dagen geleden

    This phone RAM is 10 gigabytes more than MY LAPTOP

  27. aman sinha

    aman sinha2 dagen geleden

    Can i take it

  28. Hell Boy

    Hell Boy2 dagen geleden

    7:14 at the top left corner

  29. shivathej reddy

    shivathej reddy2 dagen geleden

    Heart & mind- ROG 5 Wallet- Nokia keypad 🙂💔

  30. CMGInfinity

    CMGInfinity2 dagen geleden

    I can understand where you're coming from in terms of this phone not being for a wider range of customers, but keep in mind that ASUS/ROG are way more tuned for gaming and that is very obvious. Heck, they made these phones FOR gamers. I used to play games on my old phone but it got to the point where it just wasn't pleasant.. So I'm probably gonna be picking up this phone. I feel that due to everyone having to stay in doors they are turning to gaming, either on desktops or now on a phone like the ROG 5. The base model is very reasonably priced (checked the price and found some for around 500-600) if people want to pay for that type of performance. The camera can use some sprucing up though.

  31. the gloomy kid

    the gloomy kid2 dagen geleden

    me with my measly 8gb ram: D:


    DILLIGAF2 dagen geleden

    Looking for sponsor for a new gaming phone heheh

  33. stickstell

    stickstell2 dagen geleden

    My dream phone

  34. Zaib Ali

    Zaib Ali3 dagen geleden

    Good good

  35. Iyassu Ayalew Taye

    Iyassu Ayalew Taye3 dagen geleden

    His rog phone 2,3 and 5 reviews all have 3.7m view witch is kinda funny

  36. Saysing Valvi

    Saysing Valvi3 dagen geleden

    I got IQOO Z3 Phone Ad on this video

  37. nityam bajaj

    nityam bajaj3 dagen geleden

    i want it..its better than my pc

  38. Adam Burmeister

    Adam Burmeister3 dagen geleden

    Why is this phone better than my PC? Make it run windows and have it hook up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse then I will make it my new computer

  39. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera3 dagen geleden

    So we just gonna ignore the Rick roll at. 7:14 😂

  40. مستر ميوزك Mr. Music

    مستر ميوزك Mr. Music3 dagen geleden

    I liked the previous back LEDs more than this. I will buy this over any samsung and iphone. I don't respect companies that remove components and charge more!!!

  41. Loneley Muffin

    Loneley Muffin3 dagen geleden

    we all know that Mrwhosetheboss is always rickrolling us

  42. priyanshu

    priyanshu4 dagen geleden

    make a video on iphone 12 pro max vs rog 5 ultimate

  43. TigerTT

    TigerTT4 dagen geleden

    Best phone on the entire planet lmao,it makes the iPhones seem prehistoric.

  44. Kawaii neko

    Kawaii neko4 dagen geleden

    I have Asus Zenfone 5 and it has the game genie is sooo useful and I'm in love with it

  45. Kawaii neko

    Kawaii neko4 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who hates all those big cameras on new phones that are about half of back ,And that little cameras are just another reason to love the RoG 5?

  46. PraneethGSKTech360

    PraneethGSKTech3604 dagen geleden

    0:33 7:13 You’re damn good at rickrolling us lmao

  47. HYPE tv

    HYPE tv4 dagen geleden

    Holy shit... That cost 77k on our country.... (The 1299)(I wish I'm elon musk's son lmao)

  48. Koto Gray

    Koto Gray4 dagen geleden

    I seldom use my camera and I'm not even a gamer...

  49. Aida Zeeshan

    Aida Zeeshan4 dagen geleden


  50. Mark Mohai

    Mark Mohai4 dagen geleden


  51. chopchop pochpoch

    chopchop pochpoch4 dagen geleden

    Well thats the reason why they call it ROG republic of gamers. Because they focus on gaming.

  52. Akheem Alexis

    Akheem Alexis5 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't care about the camera though

  53. Abderahim Khezzar

    Abderahim Khezzar5 dagen geleden

    I think asus should make a new line up of phone for the wider range of people

  54. Mihalecz Martin

    Mihalecz Martin5 dagen geleden

    Nobody: -Asus makes the best gaming phone Mobile games in 2021: Pop it trader Pop it simulator BIG BALLS OMG LOVE CHOICE SIMULATOR 2

  55. soor badmash

    soor badmash5 dagen geleden

    But is it any better than me,we or you?

  56. Riders Blitz

    Riders Blitz5 dagen geleden

    Where am i?am i in coma where im seeing 18gb ram phone, where mine can't even play among us?can someone help me to wake up, please

  57. Pritish Anurag Mohanty

    Pritish Anurag Mohanty5 dagen geleden

    7:14 top right corner

  58. JackyPeee

    JackyPeee5 dagen geleden

    who saw rick astley at 7:14

  59. Sidharath Vashisht

    Sidharath Vashisht5 dagen geleden

    You're the best 👌👌👌

  60. KaranScape

    KaranScape5 dagen geleden

    I am literally a die heart fan off asus and now this. MY PC HAS 8GB RAM AND THIS PHONE HAS 18 AND IT JUST OVERTOOK IT LIKE A BREEZE

  61. Exiiko 🔥

    Exiiko 🔥5 dagen geleden

    A(SUS) ROG PHONE 😳😳😳😳

  62. Ammi Ahmed

    Ammi Ahmed6 dagen geleden

    Give me that phone buddy plzzz

  63. gamingfever

    gamingfever6 dagen geleden

    I want it

  64. Technical zeus

    Technical zeus6 dagen geleden

    Talk about bullshit who needs 18 gb ram or 16gb in a smarphone i mean is there any game that consumes 18 gb ram no is there any better than pubg or call of duty no they are simply upgrading their phones but what we play, only fortnite pubg and cod thats it chapter closed gaming companies be like ok we will make games for smartphone someday in the future wait till then....we are coming soon....😂 lol

  65. Palestine•Tzy

    Palestine•Tzy5 dagen geleden

    So it's a gaming phone

  66. Yunus Emre

    Yunus Emre6 dagen geleden

    It's sad to know that it will just run regular old stock android :(

  67. saimon shahi

    saimon shahi7 dagen geleden

    Dude very funny 😭😭

  68. Safwan Rahman 2.0

    Safwan Rahman 2.07 dagen geleden

    At 7:15 You Can see Someone in the left side... Hmmm I wonder who that is!

  69. Pasnap

    Pasnap7 dagen geleden

    Steve is hidden in this video go find him

  70. Nadim Shah

    Nadim Shah7 dagen geleden


  71. Palestine•Tzy

    Palestine•Tzy5 dagen geleden


  72. Crimzen

    Crimzen7 dagen geleden

    why was there rick ashley.


    MAHAKAL FF GAMING7 dagen geleden

    ROG 5 ultimate is very important

  74. NEW

    NEW7 dagen geleden

    💥💥💥please tell me where can i buy asus rog 5 ULTIMATE

  75. uninteresting person

    uninteresting person7 dagen geleden

    Better than my laptop

  76. Ian Wong

    Ian Wong7 dagen geleden

    for that price. i do expect to have some freebies even it has an actually cheap value

  77. Mar Shy

    Mar Shy 7 dagen geleden

    My pc was an asus.............. not a good experience

  78. AsS4s1N

    AsS4s1N7 dagen geleden

    Who else has less ram than this phone has

  79. Darkon

    Darkon8 dagen geleden

    I want this phone but I physically can't use it because I have Verizon

  80. Vivid Wanes

    Vivid Wanes8 dagen geleden

    Imagine playing pubg on this on ultra HD

  81. Kakaroto

    Kakaroto8 dagen geleden

    Please can i have one of these devices pleaseeeeee

  82. Palestine•Tzy

    Palestine•Tzy4 dagen geleden

    @Kakaroto ok

  83. Kakaroto

    Kakaroto5 dagen geleden

    @Palestine•Tzy i can, look at my comment again 🙂🙂

  84. Palestine•Tzy

    Palestine•Tzy5 dagen geleden

    @Kakaroto you can't just ask everything you want

  85. Palestine•Tzy

    Palestine•Tzy5 dagen geleden

    @Kakaroto earn your own money

  86. Kakaroto

    Kakaroto5 dagen geleden

    @Palestine•Tzy did i step on your tail or something? Because I'm sure I'm not talking to you .

  87. Deezekii :3

    Deezekii :38 dagen geleden

    Fuck sake if only they keep it lowkey on the back. This woukdve been better. It looks like a fucking toy

  88. myx younus

    myx younus8 dagen geleden

    It's good phone but if use loud speaker while driving it's bad at it will bounce ur voice back while ur on a call..

  89. HtoozZ

    HtoozZ8 dagen geleden

    1:08 Minecraft's villagers origin noise.

  90. Amaara Saheimryella

    Amaara Saheimryella8 dagen geleden

    I've been saving money for a year for a nice kick ass phone. I do like gaming a lot so... I was between ROG phone 5 Black Shark 4 Pro Red Magic 6 Legion Duel 2 I'm on Metro and some have claimed the Red Magic doesn't work well or at all really with Metro/T Mobile. Any truth to that .... I'm not sure which to get

  91. shariq star

    shariq star8 dagen geleden

    Ttutututtututututuutututututut Oshkosh Oslo piano pacify makeover 9 hauser sidekicks Evian enough orb pub 8th itch 8th

  92. Swe Demon

    Swe Demon8 dagen geleden

    What would happen if Samsung Apple and Asus made a phone


    IBRAHIM HAMDAAN8 dagen geleden

    *Me* = I like your funny words magic man

  94. S H A S H U The CARRY FAN

    S H A S H U The CARRY FAN9 dagen geleden

    Where to buy this ultimate edition

  95. Rayanfhoula BR

    Rayanfhoula BR9 dagen geleden

    bruh do phone games really require that much power

  96. A5Aca - SimplyBuilder

    A5Aca - SimplyBuilder9 dagen geleden

    When phone have more ram than your pc

  97. Nacho Cheese

    Nacho Cheese9 dagen geleden

    *A gaming phone is relesed* Everyone:"omg cool features, set your cpu, better batery, ram, display ect." Arun:"camera"

  98. Tej Raiswal

    Tej Raiswal9 dagen geleden

    Bottle going down at 4:05

  99. Zaithanga Ralte

    Zaithanga Ralte9 dagen geleden

    Do u play Minecraft cause I see a Steve in a bed in the left corner

  100. Dark Boi

    Dark Boi9 dagen geleden

    This phone has more ram than my pc which has 16 gigs of ram My god

  101. Dylan Kock

    Dylan Kock9 dagen geleden

    This is the best device I've ever seen!!!!

  102. Debarghya Chatterjee

    Debarghya Chatterjee9 dagen geleden

    Arun those who play games gives no shit about a camera

  103. Nobin Habung

    Nobin Habung9 dagen geleden

    ʙᴄ ᴜʀ ғᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴇɴɢʟɪsʜ

  104. Mili y Bianca B

    Mili y Bianca B9 dagen geleden

    Where can buy ?

  105. Angelo Dela Cerna

    Angelo Dela Cerna9 dagen geleden

    6:23 they can suc my D... If i have a phone like that, I'll never ever hand it to anybody or anyone, literally no one will

  106. Lukethelightnin

    Lukethelightnin9 dagen geleden


  107. Lukethelightnin

    Lukethelightnin9 dagen geleden

    It has more than 2x the RAM of my pc. 18GB is a lot, for retrospect The Samsung S21 Ultra has 12-16 GB of RAM, and the average phone has 4-6gb ram. A good amount of RAM for a gaming PC is 16GB. That's a lot.

  108. Joseph Gomez - Granados

    Joseph Gomez - Granados9 dagen geleden

    when a phone has more RAM than all your devices combined

  109. Ben Hermawan

    Ben Hermawan9 dagen geleden

    Impressive, but can play q

  110. Daniel Bradler

    Daniel Bradler9 dagen geleden

    Phones with such immense focus on gaming shouldn't have cameras imho

  111. Collisions YT

    Collisions YT9 dagen geleden


  112. Aint Dan

    Aint Dan10 dagen geleden


  113. endermite_64bit

    endermite_64bit10 dagen geleden

    My phone has 8 GB of rain