OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison.

Camera Comparison of OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - including night mode, 4k video, zoom, slow mo, selfies etc. Do consider subscribing if you like my videos! 😁

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    Took your feedback from the last camera test and tried to implement it all here! Fingers crossed you like it! 🤞 To check out my Unboxing of the OnePlus 9 Pro:

  2. Ibrahim Dawod

    Ibrahim Dawod2 maanden geleden

    Bro I did like it!

  3. Sound of Aryan

    Sound of Aryan2 maanden geleden

    Paid partnership with Samsung. Why don't you see the price gap between those 2 phones which is massive and after 3 4 updates oneplus can go more clear and sharper then Samsung or iPhone so please don't hype that only Samsung phones are good even oneplus can do better shots...


    VOLOVOLO2 maanden geleden

    Nice vid in Wollaton park 👍

  5. ethiopian best satellite dish trainer

    ethiopian best satellite dish trainer2 maanden geleden

    give me one smart phone please

  6. zoei

    zoei2 maanden geleden

    Is this the Samsung ultra with the snapdragon?

  7. Sibral

    Sibral11 uur geleden

    Hi! I would be tempted to switch to OnePlus but am I thinking about how secure it is compared to knox from samsung or ios for banking applications? Especially since they were discovered with some customer data leaks. What do you say? I would appreciate an opinion, thanks

  8. Responsible Citizen

    Responsible Citizen15 uur geleden

    Aren't you a handsome man.

  9. Macmillan Pious P

    Macmillan Pious PDag geleden

    #dare to Arun will you giveaway this phone with a headset for me to attend online class

  10. Sunnie Brar

    Sunnie BrarDag geleden

    Y don't u give away s21ultra or oneplus 9pro to me

  11. Raj Chauhan

    Raj Chauhan2 dagen geleden

    Hasselblad should continue making real professional cameras... These mobile phones may dump the Hasselblad brand name to trash...

  12. Priyom Raj Paul

    Priyom Raj Paul2 dagen geleden

    One of the best tech reviewers I have ever seen and love his commentary

  13. VJ Anand

    VJ Anand3 dagen geleden

    In self pic one plus beats samsung ... samsung pics looks blur to one plus

  14. All In One shezi

    All In One shezi4 dagen geleden

    This video is sponcerd by Samsung 😁🤣

  15. Yash Shah

    Yash Shah6 dagen geleden

    What's the case when oneplus 9 pro is compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  16. R B.

    R B.6 dagen geleden


  17. Md. Tasfiq UL Karim

    Md. Tasfiq UL Karim6 dagen geleden

    7:05 Confident++

  18. Nae Catalin

    Nae Catalin7 dagen geleden

    Don't smile, Huawei P 50 is coming to smash harder both^^

  19. Ivanhoe 2020

    Ivanhoe 20208 dagen geleden

    U've got some interesting points , however I have used Samsung Ultra S21 5G for more than a month by now , there are no real problems but some unstable Samsung APP keep asking me time again for my mobile number every time I turn the phone on . I did night photos and day landscape , when zooming 10 x photos quality is poor and far from the blown out of proportion advertising , the software works fast but the price is not justified at all in comparison my Sony Xperia XZ 2 Compact which is still is as good as S21

  20. anasfang

    anasfang9 dagen geleden

    Oppo find x 3 pro, please

  21. BJ 654

    BJ 6549 dagen geleden

    3:16 PassionFruit CEO!

  22. Khaja Faisal

    Khaja Faisal10 dagen geleden

    But samsung S21 ultra is expensive than one plus this should be considered

  23. Jeff Roze

    Jeff Roze12 dagen geleden

    Been using S-Series phones for about 10 years. But yeah... whats with the Zoom?! Never understood why that is such a "great" thing...

  24. niña Basit

    niña Basit12 dagen geleden

    On 6:51 you said there are two phones but there are three phone's you know😌

  25. darko pašalić

    darko pašalić12 dagen geleden


  26. kaiete

    kaiete12 dagen geleden

    1:55 it doesn't matter if I want to, I can't. I only have 2x zoom *sobs*

  27. Aryan Jamwal

    Aryan Jamwal13 dagen geleden

    Which is the best phone for portrait photos

  28. Aryan Jamwal

    Aryan Jamwal13 dagen geleden

    Compare iphone vs oneplus vs pixel 5

  29. Apy MV

    Apy MV13 dagen geleden

    Too sibilant mic

  30. Aditya raj Verma

    Aditya raj Verma13 dagen geleden


  31. Santosh kumar

    Santosh kumar14 dagen geleden

    Mi 11 ultra please...

  32. Jerichodu Gaming

    Jerichodu Gaming16 dagen geleden

    3:34 Why the middle finger tho

  33. Sleepy Scroof

    Sleepy Scroof16 dagen geleden

    Heres another test I did for camera's so i would get an old pc and start using your macro camera and the camera that can see each pixel, I did it with my current phone the Oppo A9 2020

  34. Mahesh Kumar

    Mahesh Kumar16 dagen geleden

    Iphone is a iphone

  35. Rebeiro Jeyapaul

    Rebeiro Jeyapaul16 dagen geleden

    people need to be more aware of after service of these brands as well to make a reasonably smart choice. Hint: Samsung services are the worst I have ever come across.

  36. Aloish

    Aloish14 dagen geleden

    Same but overall samungs camras are good

  37. Sohum Raina

    Sohum Raina16 dagen geleden

    1:38 never in my life I got rickrolled like this

  38. George

    George8 dagen geleden


  39. Sohum Raina

    Sohum Raina13 dagen geleden

    Thanks ☺️

  40. Anas Binjameel

    Anas Binjameel16 dagen geleden

    Aroun with the middle finger at 3:35 Play video to see clearly

  41. Aju creations

    Aju creations17 dagen geleden

    Oneplus is dead 😂😂 only hipe


    SHM GAME MASTER17 dagen geleden

    Compare s21 plus with OnePlus 9 pro

  43. william ingram jr

    william ingram jr17 dagen geleden

    I really wish people would compare the OnePlus 9 compared to the Samsung Galaxy 21 version that's equal to it at that price.

  44. Erbschlechter

    Erbschlechter17 dagen geleden

    That outtro catches me every time

  45. T1Mastr

    T1Mastr18 dagen geleden

    Man i would love to see a main camera comparison of S21 ultra (exynos version) with S10+ in low light or home lighting conditions as i feel like this is area where S21 totally sucks compared to even phone as old as S10+ and i think that world should know this, cause it could save some people money. It would save me time and money if i knew before buying S21 ultra based on hyped reviews :/ Lack of focus, lack of focus depth and grainy pics.

  46. Raj kamal

    Raj kamal18 dagen geleden

    can u do the comparision one more tym after the oneplus new update

  47. Guilherme Florido

    Guilherme Florido18 dagen geleden

    Middle finger at 3:34

  48. K S

    K S18 dagen geleden

    Not him tryna rick roll us 😭

  49. Abdul Ghaffar Hadayat

    Abdul Ghaffar Hadayat18 dagen geleden

    I still prefer One plus over Samsung The software optimization of original android on One plus far better than Samsung !! Simple and no over crowded with dual applications .....

  50. Jonathan Marquez

    Jonathan Marquez19 dagen geleden

    Oneplus's camera looks like the galaxy s10's which is a 2019 phone from Samsung.


    PARTH AGARWAL19 dagen geleden

    That kitten ws too cute

  52.  Borivoj Štigler

    Borivoj Štigler19 dagen geleden

    suprisingli i love oneplus 9 much more like and ii not have any of these two but if i wanted i find the oneplus 9 and i think its unfair for oneplus 9 because you like more the samsung s 21 which

  53. Zeth Khan

    Zeth Khan19 dagen geleden

    I love how every details explained

  54. skan-اسكاندر

    skan-اسكاندر19 dagen geleden

    You tricked me!! I decided to buy Samsung after I watched this video but In the last seconds I decided to watch more reviews in NLpush and Google too and guess what I find out the Samsung is only better in zoom but the one plus is good in everything else and in the rankings one plus in good rank than Samsung

  55. Surgical Power

    Surgical Power7 dagen geleden

    @niram _ still they have a consistent price range upto 1100 dollars for the last 2 years while samsung is still on 1200 dollars. Who is expensive now?😂. Iphones are bought from those who use social media because when you try to make a story using samsung's instagram camera or snapchat, you are basically capturing a s.s of the image infront of you. But because iphone releases a smaller number of models, it has better integration for those. You can use the ultrawide and telephoto cameras with those. Iphone's average pricing is dropping yearly. Do not hate just because it does not have the hardware, it has software that is so optimized that you forget about using any other thing.

  56. niram _

    niram _7 dagen geleden

    @Surgical Power for me iphone sucks a lot they are so bad for beeing so expensive

  57. Surgical Power

    Surgical Power7 dagen geleden

    @niram _ yeah yeah. Go somewhere else. Iphone has the best processor so far because of the 5nm build and the most optimized software. Apple is not good on genshin impact, yes but it pulls ahead when it comes to consistency. On average, samsung s21 ultra gives 33 fps while iphone 12 gives around 50 or 45. We also have to consider the fact that iphones only use a 60 Hz display while samsung has a 120 Hz one but it is not able to get the most out of that. Both of them are good in their own aspects and I love both.

  58. niram _

    niram _7 dagen geleden

    @Surgical Power why even iphone? iphone sucks even more

  59. Surgical Power

    Surgical Power10 dagen geleden

    @skan-اسكاندر yeah I hope so and I hope that rumors for iphone 12s are true too🥵❤

  60. PB 07 Wale

    PB 07 Wale19 dagen geleden

    OnePlus 9pro🔥

  61. Max S

    Max S20 dagen geleden

    good Video, but when will OnePlus reach the top of Smartphone-Cams? :(

  62. Kaizen

    Kaizen20 dagen geleden

    Excellent review and summary at the end!

  63. Aladdin Ali

    Aladdin Ali20 dagen geleden

    Great Comparison Video! দুর্দান্ত তুলনা ভিডিও

  64. HeedShift

    HeedShift20 dagen geleden

    3:33 "ultrawide" ⁎raises middle finger⁎

  65. ???

    ???21 dag geleden

    Oneplus gettin OWNEDDDD


    BINEESH C21 dag geleden

    Can you please gift me a phone pleeeaaase

  67. Ray-han Khan

    Ray-han Khan21 dag geleden

    Brother, I like your videos very much

  68. Vyshnav R

    Vyshnav R22 dagen geleden

    Now both are not the best..... Mi 11 ultra has slammed both of them 🔥🔥🔥


    JROHIRA22 dagen geleden

    But you also need to remember the price difference

  70. W B

    W B23 dagen geleden

    I do a lot of photos at 25 to 30 X zoom. Photos of buidlings from a distance or architectural stuff you can't get to like statues on buildings.

  71. Abbas Saeed

    Abbas Saeed23 dagen geleden

    just noticed your teeth are way more yellow-ish in the photo you took from s21 6:27 6:40

  72. Yâsî

    Yâsî23 dagen geleden

    S21 ultra king of kings

  73. Raju Alexis

    Raju Alexis24 dagen geleden

    For the camera only which is better, the Vivo X60 Pro Plus or MI 11 Ultra

  74. Derek Harris

    Derek Harris24 dagen geleden

    The S21 ultra is clearly the winner here.

  75. Asphalt Arrow

    Asphalt Arrow25 dagen geleden

    Nobody noticed this 1:38 😂

  76. Sarthak Parasramka

    Sarthak Parasramka26 dagen geleden

    Can you make a camera comparison between the vivo x60 pro + vs the Samsung S21 Ultra

  77. KaiTzy

    KaiTzy27 dagen geleden

    Damn portrait mode on OnePlus is in another level of junk

  78. Chris Bannister

    Chris Bannister28 dagen geleden

    You sir have earned a new sub and a like. I realise I am but a drop in the ocean but you deserve all the success. What a fabulous review.

  79. Samiur Rahman

    Samiur Rahman29 dagen geleden

    Samsung is far better than OnePlus

  80. LookAroundYou

    LookAroundYou29 dagen geleden

    I love OP phones, bt it lost its value by being a sub brand of OPPO. What a downfall.

  81. Samip Shah

    Samip ShahMaand geleden

    Planing to buy the one plus 9pro..quick question - will the one plus integration with Oppo change the product/ quality etc?? Any other phone to consider if not 9 Pro

  82. Ayaz

    AyazMaand geleden

    How much hard you try, Samsung products can't be questioned at a lot of things. Everytime ultimately Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Wins. Wether how good is the opposite phone is.


    NANDAN ROYMaand geleden

    3rd account all are suscrived to mrwhos

  84. Kapil 5242

    Kapil 5242Maand geleden

    Is oneplus 9 best camera if i have budget of 50000?

  85. H Orsidus

    H OrsidusMaand geleden

    I have to disagree, the microphone quality on the OnePlus 9 Pro was arguably MUCH better than the S21 Ultra. Your voice came through clear, it sounded less tinny, and it the wind noise and background sounds on the S21 ultra were not enjoyable to listen to but were not noticeable on the S21. That should've been a win for the OnePlus 9 Pro.

  86. ZezrinaDoesGame

    ZezrinaDoesGameMaand geleden

    OnePlus has better front video s21 looks gray

  87. Abhay Mhatre

    Abhay MhatreMaand geleden

    Samsung 🔥🔥🔥

  88. Abhay Mhatre

    Abhay MhatreMaand geleden

    Samsung mic sounds like normal Arun mic

  89. Yo It’s me

    Yo It’s meMaand geleden

    At 3:35 he shows middle finger😂😂

  90. Gourab Das

    Gourab DasMaand geleden

    3:19 Passion Plus ? 😂😂😂😂

  91. Summer Rain

    Summer RainMaand geleden

    You got married at only 25? Wow

  92. Ali Shan

    Ali ShanMaand geleden

    Best camera comparison out there


    MEGHA BEHAN DTHMaand geleden

    Please add hindi suitable translate text

  94. Faisal Aldegather

    Faisal AldegatherMaand geleden

    i just want to know where were you when you did the comparison , i think its the best place ive ever seen in my life

  95. Trevor Baker

    Trevor BakerMaand geleden

    3:35 Hey! Lol

  96. Mike Sawyer

    Mike SawyerMaand geleden

    Bravo - The oneplus 9 ( minus pro) arrived last week and no comparison on the camera to the Pro - but I'm more than satisfied. The over sharpness of the camera was immediately noticeable but I like it. If you make a living taking photos that's probably a big problem. If your just snapping memories this is a great camera /phone - I almost forgot it - it's a phone!

  97. Krishna Chaturvedi

    Krishna ChaturvediMaand geleden

    Best background ever.....most attracting

  98. Krisna Jirandi

    Krisna JirandiMaand geleden

    Op9 pro or rog 5

  99. namcicle

    namcicle28 dagen geleden

    It depends what you want. Are you about that camera? Are you about that gaming experience? Are you about that battery?

  100. Out Of Bounds

    Out Of BoundsMaand geleden

    What do you find important in a phone?

  101. Nazmul Islam Labib

    Nazmul Islam LabibMaand geleden

    অরে বাটপার

  102. The Crazy Amateur Runner

    The Crazy Amateur RunnerMaand geleden

    Sponsored by Samsung. Meanwhile Xiaomi: bitch please. 😎🤣

  103. Bashir Khan

    Bashir KhanMaand geleden

    I have note 10 plus 5g , And note 20 ultra 5g, To me they both are the best phones on planet about camera 📷🎥 & everything.

  104. dancing verona

    dancing veronaMaand geleden

    Best comparison..truly engaging

  105. ཛྷꔅꔌѧṅc̫ıєṅṭꔏꔂᡡ

    ཛྷꔅꔌѧṅc̫ıєṅṭꔏꔂᡡMaand geleden

    Im litterally watching this on a S21 plus.

  106. Mochi

    MochiMaand geleden

    0:58 We can see The BTS V mini figure 🥰

  107. zamio sensei

    zamio senseiMaand geleden

    Try oppo find x3 pro bro...can defeat samsung or not?

  108. sajid shaji

    sajid shajiMaand geleden



    MOHAMMED ABDUL SAMIMaand geleden

    Buying flagship phone and using for tjree years is a joke. I am using S7 edge since 2016. Jokes on you

  110. Treasure DNA

    Treasure DNAMaand geleden

    He's Samsung marketing bot.

  111. namcicle

    namcicle28 dagen geleden

    'Xiaomi just killed Samsung?'

  112. Out Of Bounds

    Out Of BoundsMaand geleden

    No lol, he made a whole video on these types of comments

  113. BadBoys4life 2814

    BadBoys4life 2814Maand geleden

    I bought s21ultra. Charging sucks if u use device while charging and super fast charging on. Your device will charge at around 30-40% per hour speed and i am using original Samsung 25w charger. There's a catch device should be below 35° to get a full 25w performance and phone should be under ideal u should not be using it.

  114. Agent Vlogger

    Agent VloggerMaand geleden

    Samsung lover

  115. suga fantaesies

    suga fantaesiesMaand geleden

    When he zooms the Samsung phone to v

  116. latheef ak

    latheef akMaand geleden

    Samsung. S21.ultra 🔥🔥🔥

  117. YaMateGinga

    YaMateGingaMaand geleden

    This made my decision of which phone to buy, thanks😁