I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    MrwhosethebossMaand geleden

    First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: nlpush.info/net/video/a9aUuGCqjI2zotk

  2. FordRS200

    FordRS2006 dagen geleden

    The NES classic. Yes it's not there, but it's smol.

  3. Emulator Retro

    Emulator Retro6 dagen geleden

    That iPhone. lol

  4. Po1s_n

    Po1s_n6 dagen geleden

    Can you please send a link of the laptop if you have it

  5. Ansley Breeding

    Ansley Breeding7 dagen geleden

    Can I have a phone

  6. Among us

    Among us8 dagen geleden


  7. I don't know a name to insert

    I don't know a name to insert14 minuten geleden

    No wonder he didn't forget about baby car toys


    JILLIANNE CHRIS V. Sitjar28 minuten geleden

    8:17 did I just got rick rolled?

  9. Charles Willis

    Charles Willis2 uur geleden

    The pocket sprite looks like a vmu memory cards from the sega dreamcast if anyone remembers that!

  10. Grand

    Grand2 uur geleden

    2:10 ayo.....

  11. Rich boy sugu

    Rich boy sugu3 uur geleden

    broo the rick roll though

  12. xxxtentacion GTA 5

    xxxtentacion GTA 54 uur geleden

    You should of went on wish

  13. The life of AVA

    The life of AVA5 uur geleden

    Bro watching the money line go down. And you still buying stuff is giving me anxiety 😂

  14. Jake on a break

    Jake on a break6 uur geleden

    Bro 8:19 is like the best item omg

  15. Kean Haur Ng

    Kean Haur Ng6 uur geleden

    How many app developers here to look over the small size phones which causing us troubles?

  16. Gray Scale

    Gray Scale6 uur geleden

    You should've bought a mini air conditioner

  17. Dina Kodra

    Dina Kodra7 uur geleden

    The mini fridge is kinda sus

  18. Aryan Amin

    Aryan Amin7 uur geleden

    f you....should have given rick and roll warning

  19. Ruben Almaraz

    Ruben Almaraz8 uur geleden

    What thermal app were you using to scan heat signature on your phone ??

  20. Silver Ocean

    Silver Ocean8 uur geleden

    What's wrong with that drone it's so Funny😂😂😂

  21. Octavia Thomas

    Octavia Thomas8 uur geleden

    1:52 i have one and it works so good! i pretend to be a youtuber lol exposed my self 😭😭😭😭

  22. Monkey Plays

    Monkey Plays9 uur geleden

    8:21 GOSH DANGIT YOU!!

  23. Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god

    Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god9 uur geleden


  24. Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god

    Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god10 uur geleden


  25. Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god

    Ethan is a pug god Ethan is a pug god10 uur geleden

    12:43 where can I get this phone

  26. Da Moon

    Da Moon10 uur geleden

    when and where is part 2

  27. Gariel Dacayo

    Gariel Dacayo10 uur geleden


  28. JasonGaming

    JasonGaming10 uur geleden

    They really look like mini brands

  29. ozl1ghtx

    ozl1ghtx10 uur geleden

    11:56 manifesting 69

  30. xd Kazy-.-

    xd Kazy-.-12 uur geleden

    8:18 dont click this! You've been warned

  31. Xenon Codm

    Xenon Codm12 uur geleden

    8:19 thank me later

  32. Im baka

    Im baka13 uur geleden

    Why does his logo look like Motorola

  33. a random person

    a random person13 uur geleden

    imagine buying a kid a phone that small and they think it’s a toy

  34. Law Williams

    Law Williams13 uur geleden

    Zanco absolutely needs to hire a hand model, good god

  35. Law Williams

    Law Williams13 uur geleden

    I did not expect him to look at another Zanco product that did use a hand model lol The first one, the beetle. That hand has like 50% the normal amount of finger nails 🤢

  36. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger14 uur geleden

    Him: why do they feel to put text on the back. me: But apple is ok with putting a fairly large Apple on the back

  37. BodenThomasMattey

    BodenThomasMattey14 uur geleden

    65 - 18 = 47 not bad for a usb fridge

  38. AlexTheGod

    AlexTheGod16 uur geleden

    16:58 what song is it

  39. Emma Sordahl

    Emma Sordahl17 uur geleden


  40. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    MrMegaPussyPlayer18 uur geleden

    13:39 .... Too bad 3G has been turned off over here. 2G or 4G ... Take a pick, but never 3G

  41. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    MrMegaPussyPlayer18 uur geleden

    2:12 China has some tiny full fledged e cars (trucks) with AC, hydraulic lifted bed, and everything. Not bigger than golf cart. And way cheaper, even accounting that shipping doubles the initial price.

  42. Botond Strauss

    Botond Strauss19 uur geleden

    7:27 budget headphone

  43. Cody M

    Cody M20 uur geleden

    Iphoney2 looks like the old LG Chocolate Touch

  44. jett ruggles

    jett ruggles20 uur geleden

    I love ur cats name

  45. Lauryn’s World

    Lauryn’s World20 uur geleden

    Oof- THAT FRIDGE- OMG- I’m ngl i kinda want it-

  46. Abdo Lamaalem

    Abdo Lamaalem21 uur geleden

    It's funny that you put every phone of these beside the iphone to compare between them

  47. Shasanka Das

    Shasanka Das21 uur geleden

    18:02 don't judge your book by it's cover😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Kannan Govind

    Kannan Govind22 uur geleden


  49. GamerBoyFN

    GamerBoyFN22 uur geleden


  50. Dr. Tobias Pintar

    Dr. Tobias Pintar23 uur geleden

    da mini rick roll lol

  51. Anit Vallurupalli

    Anit Vallurupalli23 uur geleden

    “Is this… Russian Propaganda?”

  52. Borat Sagdiyev

    Borat Sagdiyev23 uur geleden

    You want to see the worlds smallest phones? Go to prison 😂

  53. Aidan McQuade

    Aidan McQuade23 uur geleden

    “This does not exist in real life” meanwhile is holding it in his hand

  54. xName_Joesph

    xName_Joesph23 uur geleden

    Some of the phone in the vid has more storage then my phone

  55. Ndzalama Mhlanga

    Ndzalama Mhlanga23 uur geleden


  56. ameer playz

    ameer playzDag geleden

    11:59 nice price and cm

  57. Max goshert

    Max goshertDag geleden

    Plot twist: the mini speaker dosent do crap and just uses the original phone speakers

  58. Syed Muhammad Hadi

    Syed Muhammad HadiDag geleden

    8:20 OH WOW


    FABRIZIO PADR�NDag geleden

    8:36 wiii


    FABRIZIO PADR�NDag geleden

    9:02 wiii

  61. BlueCookie_ Queen

    BlueCookie_ QueenDag geleden

    He really running away from a drone HE'S controlling😂🤣

  62. Liam Michel

    Liam MichelDag geleden

    MY sister has de green mini camera she wanted pink but thare was not so she got blue

  63. Ricky Thomas

    Ricky ThomasDag geleden

    Me: Okay I found the iPhone that I am going to buy for my son. At home.... Son: dad it says Iphoney and it's too damn small. Me: ignore the "y" Son: 👁️👄👁️

  64. Lakshya Kalkal

    Lakshya KalkalDag geleden

    my friend has smaller 2:20

  65. AddictedToKpop

    AddictedToKpopDag geleden

    Can we just talk abt how he spent 5000$ without thinking twice

  66. the one

    the oneDag geleden

    8:36 so this is not irl???we are a game ??? What a stupid line lol does not exist in real life so this is game No hate tho

  67. KingRolex108

    KingRolex108Dag geleden

    Everyone: look at this tiny tech wow Me:why isn’t this man bankrupt

  68. ducc

    duccDag geleden

    the iphoney 2 is 6.9 cm, 69$ *_n i c e_*

  69. Grayson Butler

    Grayson ButlerDag geleden


  70. Viguls

    VigulsDag geleden

    Iphoney 2 is 6.9cm and $69. nice.

  71. bloodbonnieking

    bloodbonniekingDag geleden

    You look like Dhar Mann

  72. Anhadroop Singh

    Anhadroop SinghDag geleden

    Im the boss !!

  73. XS_ Mojo

    XS_ MojoDag geleden

    You just abuse the Rick roll

  74. Leif Neland

    Leif NelandDag geleden

    They know it must be a v/blogger ordering all this. So they send a real iPhone for $1, he praises it, and a lot of viewers go buy fake iPhones for $1.

  75. Leif Neland

    Leif NelandDag geleden

    One of the parameters for the phones is: how well does it withstand a full body cavity search?

  76. Sweatcoin giveaways

    Sweatcoin giveawaysDag geleden

    5:26 headshot

  77. Stop Motion Studios - SMS

    Stop Motion Studios - SMSDag geleden

    Was that $1 phone a joke or something? I am so confused

  78. Kia Hart

    Kia HartDag geleden

    The tiny laptop is fit for a cat

  79. Cute Lulu

    Cute LuluDag geleden

    how to get the phone at 13:00 I cant find it

  80. Rei

    ReiDag geleden

    9 billion lumen? Isn't that as bright as the sun?

  81. Atheshwan

    AtheshwanDag geleden

    17:00 💥

  82. Arts Arts

    Arts ArtsDag geleden

    God Loves you

  83. Logan Armstrong

    Logan ArmstrongDag geleden

    World biggest tec????



    Imagine playing Roblox on the mini phones xD

  85. Senaida Castaneda

    Senaida CastanedaDag geleden

    "I'm so used to having something to wrap my hands around" .... "**thats what she said**" I can't ToT

  86. Seshanth shyam

    Seshanth shyamDag geleden

    2:08? is nobody going to talk about the searches.

  87. Univer Music

    Univer MusicDag geleden

    Amazing video I love all the small tech items Thank you.

  88. Blinkie_YT

    Blinkie_YTDag geleden

    11:46 noice

  89. Adam

    AdamDag geleden

    The cool part of a flip phone is the flip open lol not the close. Haha 🤣 #sillylatemillenial

  90. Michelle Narloch Narloch

    Michelle Narloch NarlochDag geleden

    He looks like dhar mann

  91. mkbvideos85

    mkbvideos85Dag geleden

    Real mini phones are actually real

  92. nikk valkanov

    nikk valkanovDag geleden

    Instead of herculean you should have said grand

  93. Ashlyn Veiseh

    Ashlyn VeisehDag geleden

    How is nobody Talking about the $1 I phone

  94. Unknown_logic

    Unknown_logicDag geleden

    Damn he really is badass he rickrolled us on camera😂🤣😂😔

  95. Alfie Tickner

    Alfie TicknerDag geleden

    8:30 : says doesn't exist in real life

  96. Pj Fai

    Pj FaiDag geleden

    What she said

  97. Jose Humberto Elissetche Vizcarra

    Jose Humberto Elissetche VizcarraDag geleden

    Smallest Nokia phone


    GOKU ROBLOXDag geleden

    The video is TINY

  99. Siti Nor Ainsalsabila

    Siti Nor AinsalsabilaDag geleden


  100. FrostbittenMage - Roblox & More!

    FrostbittenMage - Roblox & More!Dag geleden

    8:55 ThAt FriDgE Is AwFuLlY SuSsY

  101. Ayaan Super yaan

    Ayaan Super yaanDag geleden

    I have speaker that is 1 inch or 1.5 inch

  102. None of the cat vibing Vids

    None of the cat vibing VidsDag geleden

    17:18 my 5yo sister has the pink camera just like that one

  103. Hamza Ejaz

    Hamza Ejaz2 dagen geleden


  104. Griffins Stopmotion

    Griffins Stopmotion2 dagen geleden

    Don’t go to time 8:18

  105. yourboycilzts - clizt

    yourboycilzts - clizt2 dagen geleden

    Imagine gaming on that tiny mouse

  106. MIAWZO

    MIAWZO2 dagen geleden

    It was i phone 4

  107. Stani

    Stani2 dagen geleden

    Gangster Cat