How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?

Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number - here's how to spot them!
To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support:
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss29 dagen geleden

    No soft bears were harmed during the filming of this video...Did you guess right about which gadget was recording? 😅 To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support: For one of the worst tech Scams in history:

  2. rahul r kumar

    rahul r kumar12 uur geleden

    U make the best video's ... 👍👍

  3. Niranjana S Nair

    Niranjana S Nair2 dagen geleden

    The soft bear is the gadget which is recording?

  4. imdazzy.

    imdazzy.4 dagen geleden

    Clickbait? Where is the Limit Mr WhoseTheIndianClickbaiter

  5. Bernard Jose Valdez

    Bernard Jose Valdez4 dagen geleden

    i have a pooh plusie.......................

  6. gamer taz dad

    gamer taz dad4 dagen geleden

    Are you sure

  7. Mandira Das

    Mandira Das56 minuten geleden

    2050: cameras in your bu*

  8. ishan sehgal

    ishan sehgalUur geleden

    Huawei P50 Review

  9. Ruifeng Jayden Hiah

    Ruifeng Jayden Hiah2 uur geleden

    So is the government hiding something from us that he doesn't want us to know

  10. Ruifeng Jayden Hiah

    Ruifeng Jayden Hiah2 uur geleden

    I knew it

  11. jay sanghvi

    jay sanghvi2 uur geleden

    3:06 cool pc man

  12. JasonPlayz

    JasonPlayz8 uur geleden

    Arc you from UK it is there on your channel

  13. Blaze 8597

    Blaze 85979 uur geleden

    C'mon really? I saw lots of john cena in the chat... But really Never underestimate the power of rick astley

  14. Hypercentron

    Hypercentron10 uur geleden

    My fbi agent watching like: HE KNOWS HE KNOWS

  15. stéfan hoïmes

    stéfan hoïmes12 uur geleden

    Warning: don't watch this high...unless you're prepared to snort out (iced) tea whilst laughing. (From amusement and/or fear, take your pick)

  16. Sanskar Pandey

    Sanskar Pandey12 uur geleden

    Oh yes Just like that RIP winnie the pooh

  17. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh12 uur geleden

    Oh good, I'm not gonna sleep tonight!

  18. EyoPlayz

    EyoPlayz14 uur geleden

    Get out of me swamp! -Shrek69

  19. R. K.

    R. K.14 uur geleden

    Time to buy an EMP device

  20. The Cookiedoughanimator

    The Cookiedoughanimator17 uur geleden

    Too easy

  21. Binnacle

    Binnacle22 uur geleden

    9:12 I thought he was about to bring out an emp device. If it exists, just blow it up, in what, like a mile radius of electromagnetic pulse.

  22. Meaty

    Meaty23 uur geleden

    just wear camoflauge

  23. JuSt A dUmB A$$

    JuSt A dUmB A$$Dag geleden

    Me covers my webcam FBI watching me through my toaster : "Hi there bitch".

  24. David Ortega-Lucas

    David Ortega-LucasDag geleden

    5:54 That made me get into a great mode, I hope it others can relate

  25. kirk Shotton

    kirk ShottonDag geleden

  26. FlareonGames

    FlareonGamesDag geleden

    NLpush is also collecting data… after the video there was an ad with the same event as the video.

  27. YADAV Pramod

    YADAV PramodDag geleden

    I am a general tech information finder and something related to this has happened to me also I had always ideas about technology that how things should be and I had talked about my ideas with my family member's sometimes and I observed that after some weeks or months, ideas wich I talked about are being showed and implemented in today's daily world. This might be a coincidence but in the past I always used to think that whatever idea I thought, why and how they were invented in later days but after watching this video I can probably assume that this might be the reason. I'm not pretty sure about it but who knows.. Do you guys agree?

  28. yafet negasi

    yafet negasiDag geleden

    5:54 hahahahahahahahaha

  29. Blakeson

    BlakesonDag geleden

    I knew that charging block was a camera !

  30. Robin Cormier

    Robin CormierDag geleden

    should be noted that a keylogger doesn't need to even have a physical form. They can be a simple malware program and snuck onto your pc or phone in many many different ways.

  31. Saanvi Srivastava

    Saanvi SrivastavaDag geleden

    My computer keeps on showing my web cam is switched on... Now I know why :/

  32. Saanvi Srivastava

    Saanvi SrivastavaDag geleden

    @Super ninja thanks :)

  33. Super ninja

    Super ninjaDag geleden

    Use any antivirus to scan and remove the malware. If it is still not ok then reset your PC so that you can get rid of any malware in your PC.

  34. NeoArashi

    NeoArashiDag geleden

    Winnie: Oh yes, just like that! LMAO!

  35. Trisha Kabob

    Trisha KabobDag geleden

    Holy cow this is terrifying

  36. Jakub K

    Jakub KDag geleden

    3:14 nice Password you have there 😂

  37. Young Studios TM

    Young Studios TMDag geleden

    In hotels i cover myself with the blanket and i sleep under it

  38. Echo Squad

    Echo SquadDag geleden

    Me sees The Thumbnail, All of them

  39. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuDag geleden

    I first thought yea there is no camera in my living room but now I wanna hide underneath a blanket 😂

  40. Kim Morini

    Kim MoriniDag geleden

    .........gonna go hide in a closet now.....

  41. Tanktastic

    TanktasticDag geleden

    good to know that somebody could be watching ur kids in bathrooms and other places what a good world we live in

  42. William Rogers

    William RogersDag geleden

    I guessed that they were all recording, but only spotted the camera on the glasses from afar. Crazy.😳

  43. Njukang Farrant

    Njukang FarrantDag geleden

    Wow!. That’s a lot. I thought movies over exaggerated till nw.

  44. Valentino Setjadi

    Valentino SetjadiDag geleden

    I have 300 IQ move: Place a secret camera to see who places a secret camera 🤯😳😰😱

  45. 🔥flin and walter💧

    🔥flin and walter💧Dag geleden

    How to Rick roll a spy Find speakers Blast Rick roll

  46. Laggy bro

    Laggy broDag geleden

    Bruh even we are not smart so if we installed something with a camera we would remove it

  47. Gum _

    Gum _Dag geleden

    Yeah I think its time to return to monke The unibomer was right

  48. Loose- Hotline

    Loose- HotlineDag geleden

    Honestly I’m a pretty boring kid…. I just play with knives and race my dirt bike, the rest of the day I just sleep….. so idrc lmao

  49. Jst George

    Jst George2 dagen geleden

    Yup Rick rolling is in every video

  50. Raghavendra Singh

    Raghavendra Singh2 dagen geleden

    EMP device is in order

  51. Anrijs Christopher

    Anrijs Christopher2 dagen geleden

    Even if I'm being recorded then joke's on them, there's nothing to record.


    PRO GAMER2 dagen geleden

    can you make part 2 plz plz


    DON CHETO2 dagen geleden

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    Denny Roman2 dagen geleden

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  55. Overlord Born

    Overlord Born2 dagen geleden

    People are scared of spy cameras, but they happily wants to inject electronic device on their brain.

  56. TheOfficial Fox

    TheOfficial Fox2 dagen geleden

    I like the fact that i got an ad for smart gardening stuff on this video

  57. Bibek Chattopadhyay

    Bibek Chattopadhyay2 dagen geleden

    I am a fan of u It would be a happiness to spy on you

  58. Alex

    Alex2 dagen geleden

    Plot twist, the cardboard box that the spy cameras came in had a secret camera

  59. NikzMat

    NikzMat2 dagen geleden

    we need to sue these people 100% but uh only if we can find them

  60. {•Shey•}

    {•Shey•}2 dagen geleden

    The only reason why a NLpush channel might use this is to pull pranks on another person. That is the most pure thing I can think of when using these cameras 📷.

  61. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy2 dagen geleden

    "Oh yes, Just like that" Arun you're sick 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Iceiscold

    Iceiscold2 dagen geleden


  63. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy2 dagen geleden

    R.I.P whinne the poo

  64. OdyPodi25

    OdyPodi252 dagen geleden

    So basically in Greece in a pool in a public bathroom my friend was in the bathroom of the girls and he noticed a camera...

  65. S

    S2 dagen geleden

    Hoping this video doesn't give birth to more perverts.

  66. Sulaiman

    Sulaiman2 dagen geleden

    I really want to get those glasses so I can make parkour videos

  67. [Tordiscool]

    [Tordiscool]2 dagen geleden

    7:47 oh *Camhub* might be a great name

  68. Prisha's Art & Craft For All

    Prisha's Art & Craft For All2 dagen geleden

    AFter watching this video i just wanna literally throw every thing even EVERY SINGLE MATCH STICK !

  69. Cookie _11

    Cookie _112 dagen geleden

    That girl in the hotel wasn't she the host of glow-up.

  70. something because I don't know what to do's is col

    something because I don't know what to do's is col2 dagen geleden

    Like I'm ok with FBI agents watching me but if it's like me doing something embarrassing I wouldn't want that I know an FBI wouldn't upload anything

  71. Rhylek

    Rhylek2 dagen geleden


  72. Maryam Atif

    Maryam Atif2 dagen geleden

    4:18 my potato has better quality.

  73. TheCuteLaptalo

    TheCuteLaptalo2 dagen geleden

    Spy rate goes up 200%

  74. Aishah Anwar

    Aishah Anwar2 dagen geleden

    Now I wish technology wasn't invented.

  75. Mask

    Mask2 dagen geleden

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  76. Melinda Sweetman-Cochran

    Melinda Sweetman-Cochran3 dagen geleden

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  77. Rebecca Jane Lovelace Gott

    Rebecca Jane Lovelace Gott3 dagen geleden

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    Bazinga31tch3 dagen geleden

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  83. Muthu Vigneshwaran

    Muthu Vigneshwaran3 dagen geleden

    @mrwhosetheboss Do a video on the devices and config of the device that u use for the video recording and editing. Also I loved your computer

  84. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill3 dagen geleden

    Easy way to find out if you’re being recorded get a hammer and smash everything No one will be filming me now lol


    P ARUNRAJKUMAR3 dagen geleden

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  86. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus3 dagen geleden

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  87. sean daly

    sean daly3 dagen geleden

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  88. Shayaan Shahriar

    Shayaan Shahriar3 dagen geleden

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  89. Lynx CODM

    Lynx CODM4 dagen geleden

    So does this mean people can see me doing uhh... internet stuff? 😳 (I’m not joking I’m scared)

  90. chris

    chris4 dagen geleden

    so you're telling me that buying one of these, installing them in a hotel in which im gonna stay, i could actually sue the hotel and get lots of money for violating my privacy ? neat

  91. RVN427

    RVN4274 dagen geleden

    3:00 does this think take out passwords and stuff if you plug in an Xbox to an outlet that’s a spy cam in an Airbnb

  92. RVN427

    RVN4274 dagen geleden

    Funny thing I’m young to live in an Airbnb for a month soon..

  93. Timo Bond

    Timo Bond4 dagen geleden

    The cameras are better than my many times larger laptop camera, how come🤔

  94. MR. HK

    MR. HK4 dagen geleden

    Don't you have to charge them?

  95. imdazzy.

    imdazzy.4 dagen geleden

    Stop that thumbnails. That’s disrespectful. Clickbaitimg p of shit.

  96. nikhil more

    nikhil more4 dagen geleden

    Thanks for sharing Aaron.

  97. Wildlife TODAY

    Wildlife TODAY4 dagen geleden


  98. Dusty Works

    Dusty Works4 dagen geleden

    Bruh these Spy Gadget at the book fair are really taking it up a notch.

  99. Oddlike Seven

    Oddlike Seven4 dagen geleden

    Privacy is a placebo. There's no such thing.

  100. PraneethGSKTech360

    PraneethGSKTech3604 dagen geleden

    Why did you censor Pooh lmfao

  101. Niviru I.U. වීරසිංහ

    Niviru I.U. වීරසිංහ4 dagen geleden

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  102. Virtualnugget

    Virtualnugget4 dagen geleden

    YAY! now I am going to be paranoid for the rest of my life!

  103. ß

    ß4 dagen geleden

    عند الصلاة على النبي صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم تكتب (صلِّ) بالشدة و تحتها كسرة و ليس صلي لأن الياء لمخاطبة المؤنث و هذا يعني انك تخاطب ربك بصيغة المؤنث ( أستغفر الله ) يعني كذا تصير : ( اللهم صلِّ على محمد و آل محمد ).

  104. Nooby Dev

    Nooby Dev4 dagen geleden

    2:30 Never Gonna Give You Up!