A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.

The insta360 GO 2 is one of the most curious Smartphone Gadgets I've ever tested: www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?ins...
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    If you've watched the full video - Curious what you think to a future where everyone's recording everything 👀 For my last video discussing sponsored videos, earnings and other NLpushr stuff: nlpush.info/net/video/rbjTtqJsoo-Yd6s

  2. TAKV Gaming

    TAKV GamingMaand geleden

    omg this seems so cool. i feel like a future where everyone has one of these on could be a little weird, but it would be so cool just to be able to reabsorb the moment after you have already absorbed it if ya get what i mean.

  3. - oh -

    - oh -2 maanden geleden


  4. - oh -

    - oh -2 maanden geleden

    @Kin Han Tan GOD BLESS.

  5. - oh -

    - oh -2 maanden geleden

    @Kin Han Tan you.

  6. Kin Han Tan

    Kin Han Tan2 maanden geleden

    @- oh - bless what

  7. Qwetzxl

    Qwetzxl3 uur geleden

    One day we will be able t buy a camera this size or smaller that shoots 32k footage and has 32k more features but only costs like 50 dollars….. crazy

  8. Qwetzxl

    Qwetzxl3 uur geleden

    It is wierd to think that one day in the future we will have 32k cameras with 32k more features than this and at a price like 99 dollars


    PHANTOM6 uur geleden

    4:42 sus 0-0

  10. I_Lob _Gamez_

    I_Lob _Gamez_7 uur geleden

    assassins can literally use this and put it on a specific metal pole to watch someone or something...

  11. Vish

    Vish7 uur geleden

    7:30 This is why i love this guy

  12. Ecpeze

    Ecpeze7 uur geleden

    This thing is more expensive than my phone

  13. Harsh Mohan

    Harsh Mohan13 uur geleden

    I wonder if there is an attachment to mount on top of a hot dog, So if someone goes to BBQ and want a shot of eating a hot dog closely

  14. justonexone

    justonexone20 uur geleden

    4:43 *"that’s what she said"* *LMAOOOOO*

  15. Gautham Surya

    Gautham Surya22 uur geleden

    1:03 damn hiss thicc, damn his is thicc boiii 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Neel Sharma

    Neel SharmaDag geleden

    Lol we literally all know that we saw Arun come up with the that’s what she said part as he was saying the rest of that line at 4:44

  17. CerealUnicorn13

    CerealUnicorn13Dag geleden

    Alternative title: Something that you didn't know you needed, but that you need

  18. Naruto Chicken

    Naruto ChickenDag geleden

    Could you imagine the footage of a kid eating the camera, and seeing that, awesome I say

  19. Gabriel Lima

    Gabriel Lima2 dagen geleden

    Black mirror much?

  20. The Blue Octopus

    The Blue Octopus3 dagen geleden

    i love that he wasn't bias because he was sponsored, he actually gave us the downsides too

  21. BluePortalXxz

    BluePortalXxz3 dagen geleden

    "Record all your life" Even when you shit and when you mastur-

  22. Chroma

    Chroma3 dagen geleden

    with the necklace thing, you could take one day of your day to day life, and then seen it through a vr headset and you would basically be dreaming

  23. OneSmolBoi08

    OneSmolBoi084 dagen geleden

    5:12 i thought that was a game for a second

  24. [DYT] Mihai

    [DYT] Mihai4 dagen geleden

    I would buy a gro pro

  25. Smithy Shrimp

    Smithy Shrimp4 dagen geleden

    3:23 is that Nottingham Square? Small world...

  26. Photo News 247

    Photo News 2475 dagen geleden

    Hi Aron, I have watch hours of reviews on the Go 2 but you covered everything and more. This is the best review on this camera so far on NLpush. You are absolutely brilliant and so humble as well.

  27. Giniek

    Giniek6 dagen geleden

    This camera looks sus tho 😳

  28. LorenzoDeldro

    LorenzoDeldro7 dagen geleden

    1:10 Death Note

  29. rashim makkar

    rashim makkar8 dagen geleden

    Can you please do a giveaway of this to me? I am a vlogger, but don't want to spend so much money of professional DSLRs. I'm Aayush, btw.

  30. Adebisi Adejuwon

    Adebisi Adejuwon8 dagen geleden

    Exit music is fire 🔥

  31. Oghenero Okpokoro

    Oghenero Okpokoro8 dagen geleden

    attach it to your CAT!!!!!!!

  32. Hackrmin

    Hackrmin9 dagen geleden

    While watching this, I got the smart shoes commercial you apparently did

  33. AdenmationsYT

    AdenmationsYT10 dagen geleden

    When the camera is SUS:

  34. VRCommy

    VRCommy10 dagen geleden

    *Mrwhostheboss Like who’s (who is) “Whose” is like asking who something belongs to 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  35. Swer4324

    Swer432410 dagen geleden

    it's a lot but if i didnt just wasted money on other stuff i would buy it

  36. Shinu Joshi

    Shinu Joshi11 dagen geleden

    thank you for helping me i brought it it was great

  37. Pastor Nezuko

    Pastor Nezuko11 dagen geleden

    Imagine if the people who made this made telescopes

  38. Jude Atnip

    Jude Atnip12 dagen geleden

    Who’s recording the camera that’s recording? 1:02

  39. fmls_8

    fmls_813 dagen geleden

    Where does it save videos? Phone, built in storage?

  40. william ingram jr

    william ingram jr13 dagen geleden

    I could see myself using this for storm chasing

  41. Yoseph woldesenbet

    Yoseph woldesenbet14 dagen geleden

    I subscribed i even liked all of your videos Please i need a phone even iPhone 6 or whatever

  42. Aadhan N

    Aadhan N15 dagen geleden

    Summary: It's better than GoPro

  43. Aloura

    Aloura16 dagen geleden

    damn this camera has more functionality than me as an adult

  44. Adtomskio

    Adtomskio18 dagen geleden

    Wish you tested the microphone :) kinda want one for my trip to Scotland

  45. Motabbir Hussain

    Motabbir Hussain19 dagen geleden

    How long can you record

  46. Mayur Patel

    Mayur Patel20 dagen geleden

    Screw phone cameras!

  47. Vukasin Letic

    Vukasin Letic21 dag geleden

    You are good at tenis bro. (I play tennis too)

  48. Daniel Lye

    Daniel Lye22 dagen geleden

    Quote arron (you can put them on your shoes) - you do know that's called up skirt..... lol. You baaaad boy.

  49. Celo The loot taker

    Celo The loot taker22 dagen geleden

    Please don't say "Just slide it over the sticky bit" again! Ever! For real, like never again!

  50. X_gaming Marco

    X_gaming Marco23 dagen geleden

    Cant wait to film karens 4k

  51. Jack Hepworth

    Jack Hepworth24 dagen geleden

    I want one😅

  52. MotionXE

    MotionXE25 dagen geleden

    You could buy a GoPro Hero 9 for the same price....

  53. Arthur Miller

    Arthur Miller25 dagen geleden

    I would buy this just for shits and giggles if I had 300 bucks lying around. In fact, I will buy this just for shits and giggle if I one day have 300 bucks lying around.

  54. periurban

    periurban26 dagen geleden

    This device has serious problems. I only got to use it 3 times before it failed, and it seems I am not the only one. Currently attempting to get my money back. Even before it failed it was prone to cut out when recording. No doubt a great idea in theory, but in practice I think the device is underpowered for what it's being asked to do. It's a shame, because the footage I did get was really nice, although the software is dreadful, and the automatic editing is really very bad, especially where you have fewer longer clips, where it just edits completely at random. Insta360 must have spent a small fortune on getting NLpush "influencers" to punt the product, but they should have spent a little more time and money making sure the device is actually robust enough to stand up to use!

  55. Terrariagamer26

    Terrariagamer2626 dagen geleden

    i want it lol

  56. Ashwin Arts

    Ashwin Arts27 dagen geleden

    4:43 ‘thats what she said’ Who else saw it?? 😂

  57. Yeet To The Max

    Yeet To The Max29 dagen geleden

    The noise he makes at the beginning of the video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Sadegh Bakhteari

    Sadegh Bakhteari29 dagen geleden

    You"you can stick it everywhere " my naughty mind: 🤐🤐🤐

  59. James

    JamesMaand geleden

    I NEED THIS (I don't)

  60. Xerberus

    XerberusMaand geleden

    1:04 thicc boi

  61. Feras Alzahrani

    Feras AlzahraniMaand geleden

    4:43 and 4:53

  62. Dlgash Gaming

    Dlgash GamingMaand geleden

    3:08 i can't stop laughing at him wearing shorts

  63. Jake Hershey

    Jake HersheyMaand geleden

    seems a lot better than gopro???? might have to check it out!

  64. neil

    neilMaand geleden

    your logo looks a lot like the Motorola logo

  65. NIN

    NINMaand geleden

    That is so awesome!

  66. nuno tomás

    nuno tomásMaand geleden

    Congrats on the review, excellent:) meanwhile dont know if i missed it... whats the duration of recording ?

  67. Adnaan Ahmad

    Adnaan AhmadMaand geleden

    7:33 lol 🤣

  68. Simon Muddimer

    Simon MuddimerMaand geleden

    it looks amazing at such a little cost, love your videos, just keep doing what your doing, you rock....

  69. Staetik

    StaetikMaand geleden

    I was on the fence and then I went to the site...THEY ARE MAKING A MINIONS VERSION!!!!

  70. WoTBot

    WoTBotMaand geleden

    that first camera looks sus

  71. Andrew Sheahan

    Andrew SheahanMaand geleden

    go 2 sad Arun noises

  72. Sarang Joshi

    Sarang JoshiMaand geleden

    did anyone else see the insta360 go 2 attached to a drone at 4:53

  73. Pixelated

    PixelatedMaand geleden

    I'm sure if I check a public restroom good enough eventually I'll find one for free in a disturbing spot.


    KRISHNAKANTHMaand geleden

    machane athu pore aliyaa💥👌

  75. anna

    annaMaand geleden

    Imagine using this for a year and at the end on new years eve putting all the footage together and watching it like a movie 🤯

  76. anna

    annaMaand geleden

    I've never wanted something so much in my life, im pretty obsessed w documenting my life because it's hard for me to store short term memories, like weeks happen and because of my ptsd i can't remember them. in 2019 i made an instagram account where i put everything, like what songs im listening to that month or screenshots of bus times and i always take pictures of any old stuff, just so i cam remember my life. this is like my dream come true

  77. Ruth Obeng

    Ruth ObengMaand geleden

    7:34 mmm whatcha say...

  78. Galdi

    GaldiMaand geleden

    This really reminds me of the movie 'The Circle'

  79. Wolf

    WolfMaand geleden

    For 300 Euro I better can stick that thing everywhere.

  80. MazinGamerTV

    MazinGamerTVMaand geleden

    I got an ad with mrwhosetheboss in it before this video started

  81. Rafiq Daniel

    Rafiq DanielMaand geleden

    I don't need this but I want it

  82. DragonFire33

    DragonFire33Maand geleden

    Imagine if he found this without being sponsored. He would list off the amount of privacy problems in it

  83. quaaludes

    quaaludesMaand geleden

    This guy’s pretty good at catching

  84. Sandee Cohen

    Sandee CohenMaand geleden

    As I watched I began to guess the price, I got to $1000. $299 is a bargain!

  85. Brutus Callaway

    Brutus CallawayMaand geleden

    The awake driver phenomenologically sound because fall latterly welcome including a likeable jumbo. jumbled, imperfect hearing

  86. Zagaming Zagaming

    Zagaming ZagamingMaand geleden

    ONI Ready player two fans would understand

  87. Bercean Ioan

    Bercean IoanMaand geleden

    Too bad that for recording real action you can't use the case and the battery runs out in 20-30 mins from what info I could gathered.

  88. DIO

    DIOMaand geleden

    1:11 Light Yagami would like to have a word with you

  89. Sheba Ham

    Sheba HamMaand geleden

    That's it, I'm getting this one ....

  90. Julian Cronin

    Julian CroninMaand geleden

    The little that’s what she said was pretty good

  91. Sebydboss Yt

    Sebydboss YtMaand geleden

    I saw the that’s what she said

  92. Alan Walker

    Alan WalkerMaand geleden

    Cheers Arun, I might have missed a couple of things, what is the storage? upgradable? Can this double as a webcam for any popular online meeting software? Nice video, I do like your production values.

  93. [Deleted]

    [Deleted]Maand geleden

    *Currently buying this camera for my bike rides*

  94. Aearian

    AearianMaand geleden

    Great, I needed this to put it in cans of hairwash and spy on people! Lifesaver! xD

  95. Bluesidian

    BluesidianMaand geleden

    i'll buy it only if he comes with it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  96. Sneakyslapz

    SneakyslapzMaand geleden

    4:53 found it

  97. Mazen gaming tv

    Mazen gaming tvMaand geleden

    Moshaya famaily

  98. tammy jenkins

    tammy jenkinsMaand geleden

    My question to Mrwhosethe boss is, you use a S21Ulta since you can't expand storage wouldn't this fill your phone up pretty quick?

  99. My Friend Jen Online

    My Friend Jen OnlineMaand geleden

    Just remember, the case is not water proof! Ask me how I know? 😒

  100. Patrick Jerome Obaldo

    Patrick Jerome ObaldoMaand geleden

    The device itself isn't what's amazing, but it's the software behind it is what gives it the value compared to other action cameras. That camera is backed by a company that knows what it's doing.

  101. Superdoo987

    Superdoo987Maand geleden

    its 300 pounds

  102. haroo86

    haroo86Maand geleden

    Whats the battery life?

  103. Omkar Gharat

    Omkar GharatMaand geleden

    Shut up and take my money

  104. Aashrups

    AashrupsMaand geleden

    out of all the things I can't unsee the subtlety in the editing ..beautiful and perfectly in sync..hats to joseph

  105. Mist Agar -ميستاجار

    Mist Agar -ميستاجارMaand geleden

    I bought 1