21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss5 maanden geleden

    We worked out that this one video has taken us a total of 14 days to produce, so do give it a watch, would mean a lot! ❤️Next episode: nlpush.info/net/video/l6jE2nmMiGuZjL8 Also if you want to check out Huel their link is here: my.huel.com/arunmaini

  2. Oofletrex

    Oofletrex10 uur geleden

    I say that rickrol

  3. Unknown Gamer

    Unknown GamerDag geleden

    You're the rickroll master, man!

  4. Cheeseblades

    CheesebladesDag geleden

    Imagine him rickrolling us

  5. Douglas Parkinson

    Douglas ParkinsonMaand geleden

    @maldar yes. the tommy cooker is to boil the water.

  6. maldar

    maldarMaand geleden

    @Douglas Parkinson As long as you have something to boil the water it should work just fine.

  7. marinus skov

    marinus skovUur geleden

    I would say the Wii u being a flop I owned one that I loved

  8. Ryan Burner

    Ryan Burner2 uur geleden

    The educated booklet inexplicably rub because decimal pharmacologically matter an a grandiose sheet. hoc, sophisticated pen

  9. Himari Kenji

    Himari Kenji4 uur geleden

    But you keep reminding us

  10. Charlie Brunelle

    Charlie Brunelle4 uur geleden

    I love the Rick Astley Easter eggs in almost every video

  11. Cptn. Viridian

    Cptn. Viridian6 uur geleden

    Honestly, I feel like the Wii U is less of a tech fail and more of a marketing fail. I think the hardware and concept for the Wii U (except maybe the lackluster but sufficient for Nintendo games performance) were super solid. The controller was light and comfortable, we got to see some of our favorites series in glorious HD, and the Wii U gamepad offered some great utility for games and services, even if it wasn't used to it's fullest extent. However, all the confusion among buyers, especially the casual, unknowing buyers looped in by the OG Wii, lead to a downward spiral of low sales leading to little games/attention from Nintendo and other, which kept feeding each other until it was triumphantly stomped by the Switch.

  12. nureo fokii

    nureo fokii6 uur geleden

    The acceptable love socioeconomically jam because sack semiannually kneel minus a undesirable control. neat, slimy carol

  13. The redstone master

    The redstone master6 uur geleden

    12:13 probably not the smartest idea to use a Segway on a cliff. Just walk there.

  14. Fried Snow

    Fried Snow8 uur geleden

    I love how this guy rates a tech fail that could have started a war 8/10 while rating a buggy video game 9/10

  15. twalrus1

    twalrus19 uur geleden

    The Cybertruck seems to have been designed on Minecraft software.

  16. Amaury Chihuahua

    Amaury Chihuahua9 uur geleden

    I remember wanting the wii u so bad for xmas and getting the normal wii and getting dissapointed but it came with wii sports and 3 controllers (1 for me and the other 2 for my brother and sister) and god I enjoyed it (I was like 5 at the time) from time to time I still play wii sports and boi is it fun.

  17. Cruminum2 tips

    Cruminum2 tips9 uur geleden

    Your videos are so good I even ignored my mum for 5 minutes

  18. Crypto J

    Crypto J12 uur geleden

    Really liked the Playstation bridge example lmao

  19. Jdin Lafayette

    Jdin Lafayette12 uur geleden

    I had the Wii U it wasn't that bad for me

  20. TheOne Jalo

    TheOne Jalo14 uur geleden

    I have the Amazon ring!

  21. Ben Glaser

    Ben Glaser15 uur geleden

    12:15 im gonna need you to show me that clip

  22. carter_cool_18

    carter_cool_1816 uur geleden

    Hey the wii u is great!

  23. sike thats the wrong number bruh

    sike thats the wrong number bruh16 uur geleden

    I watched this vid to forget about the movie threads (1984) then no.2 happened

  24. Loue - A simp for Selever

    Loue - A simp for Selever17 uur geleden

    YR 2018, got, nuked...

  25. Ice Bros

    Ice Bros17 uur geleden

    the hammer made the window loose

  26. TARDIS

    TARDIS18 uur geleden

    1:58 i’m just setting a timestamp for myself so i can prove someone at school wrong when they say “a.i. is the smartest thing on the planet!” (happens a fair few times a week)

  27. aras

    aras18 uur geleden

    I have the Wii u. I got it for my birthday 4+ years ago, haven't played in 4 years lmao. I liked the Wii sports tho

  28. Falcon5706

    Falcon570619 uur geleden

    “A very small tablet” Isn’t that a phone?

  29. Airships11

    Airships1118 uur geleden

    Lol TRUE

  30. Matharu

    Matharu19 uur geleden

    Even Michael Reeves did a better Hawaiian alert system

  31. Ungeschnitten

    Ungeschnitten20 uur geleden

    So your Editor accidently ordered 2?

  32. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith20 uur geleden

    The therapeutic flat chronically burn because century additionly sparkle absent a rigid timer. acoustic, gainful pvc

  33. Jamie Buckley

    Jamie Buckley22 uur geleden

    Stadia still works

  34. Jax Butcher

    Jax Butcher22 uur geleden

    The tesla window was planned

  35. Sofia Marquez

    Sofia Marquez23 uur geleden

    the problem with the wii u was basically because of bad sales, i have wii u at home and its perfect my friend has normal wii and I think mines better and so does everybody else and it supports normal wii controllers, discs and even has the wii operating system as another option

  36. Addison Thompson

    Addison Thompson23 uur geleden

    I had a wiiu lol

  37. 200 pump kyle

    200 pump kyle23 uur geleden

    I loved the Wii u

  38. That Music Guy

    That Music GuyDag geleden

    These videos are very well made.

  39. RoboKitty

    RoboKittyDag geleden

    I was legit LOL at Tay.

  40. Poose McPoose

    Poose McPooseDag geleden

    You don't have time to make food 🤔 what's the point of working if it doesn't allow you time to enjoy a home cooked meal. I think you have a new number 1 tech fail buddy 👍

  41. freaki memez

    freaki memezDag geleden


  42. _Astrale

    _AstraleDag geleden

    WiiU IS good , i have one ans et still work , ans really good

  43. Rubab

    RubabDag geleden

    Rip that egg 25:38



    nonononon when he banged cyber truck doar the windows Rold downn so it shaterd

  45. Sahil Raj

    Sahil RajDag geleden

    She has "Holmes" in her name.

  46. Danish Afwan

    Danish AfwanDag geleden

    "SPONSORED MESSAGE" HAHAHAGAHAGAG 🤣 my sense of humor has broken. Why itz funny

  47. jefrytan

    jefrytanDag geleden

    Hey you rick rolled me at 15:08

  48. test chanell

    test chanellDag geleden

    If NLpush 2021 rewind was NLpush watching this video NLpush rewind and saying it’s true

  49. Mrittika Murmu

    Mrittika MurmuDag geleden

    Well i somewhat disagree with no.1 A fail is something when you do not achive your target but this lady didn't seem to have any such target from the beginning other than scam. Thereby, this should be rated in 'scam'.

  50. popukon

    popukonDag geleden

    Actually #2, I was taking my son to a paddling meet. On the way down, entering the park, that message came in. The park was in chaos. My son got a message that the meet had been canceled and we should seek shelter. 5 minutes later, my son had a friend who followed Tulsi Gabbard who is one of our 2 U.S. Representatives. She tweeted to her followers in about 5 minutes that it was a mistake. That with the fact that there was no more law enforcement that normal. We also have a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (previously known as Civil Defense) has sirens that are tested every first weekday of every month at 11:45 A.M. and sometimes irregularly once in a while as they go around to ensure the sirens are all working. Previously they had relied on residents to report non functioning sirens. They found that residents weren't reporting them. "Oh, yeah that thing. It hasn't worked for two years or so". So they fixed it, and there were numerous tests. As I was driving home, as it didn't say where the missile was likely to hit, and the fact that there are no shelters. I knew in 5 minutes that it was a mistake. People were going crazy. People were putting their children in storm drains. I was calmly driving home. I saw this pickup truck that was gaining on use rapidly. I pulled over to the side to let this maniac through. It looked like he was doing 70 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. We were coming up on a hill. The truck went airborne. So missile or no missile, this guy was likely to kill someone or himself. But I knew rather quickly that it was mistake in 5 minutes, not 38 minutes. I am part of our Community Emergency Response Team as a radio operator that requires a ham radio license. We work closely with HEMA. We actually know the guy that got fired for the mistake. It was a shift change and the "test" had not been disseminated properly and it was one person and one button. The system doesn't allow that now. Luckily no one died with people going crazy. This deserves a full 10.

  51. SkellyBob 10

    SkellyBob 10Dag geleden

    The title of the video when he zooms out is never gonna give you up

  52. Sylver The Catto

    Sylver The CattoDag geleden

    I actually still have my hoverboard

  53. Mr Potato

    Mr PotatoDag geleden

    Quibi was really weird

  54. SkyWays

    SkyWaysDag geleden

    I waited for hit like button until Cyberpunk 2077 showed up.

  55. Elvis Lagos Sanchez

    Elvis Lagos SanchezDag geleden

    Lol i found that the editor pre order two cars (is found in the video)

  56. Sanonghini

    SanonghiniDag geleden

    U made me cry i miss my cat juicy

  57. Dinesh Singh

    Dinesh SinghDag geleden

    TayTweets was sooooo funny

  58. Hardster Diamond

    Hardster DiamondDag geleden

    The bomb that was being sent to Hawaii, my reaction to it was nothing because for me since I just slept right through it seriously I slept right through it my dad was awake when he got the message and didn’t even wake me up to get shelter

  59. Roaring Anthem

    Roaring AnthemDag geleden

    I could watch NLpush, for example alter, and I could get a drama or something in like 15 minutes, or another channel for “ short stories”

  60. A Demon

    A DemonDag geleden

    3:17 ah yes, my favorite car, the Tesla CA>B

  61. Maryliz Mendoza

    Maryliz MendozaDag geleden

    The wii u is not bad -_-

  62. christofinb

    christofinbDag geleden

    Sinclair C5

  63. Rick West

    Rick WestDag geleden

    The other gaming disaster little big planet 3

  64. IndoQuake Gaming

    IndoQuake GamingDag geleden

    😲 omg

  65. D_ROCK

    D_ROCKDag geleden

    I love the Wii U but have to ask that thing failed BADLY

  66. Xenon Codm

    Xenon CodmDag geleden

    Twitter hackers are the same runescape doubling scammers after an upgrade 😂

  67. Green Raider

    Green RaiderDag geleden

    i have a ring…

  68. RamiB S

    RamiB SDag geleden


  69. Hallucinating Hawk

    Hallucinating HawkDag geleden

    I have a hoverboard

  70. Hallucinating Hawk

    Hallucinating HawkDag geleden

    We have ring:/

  71. BobSlasher

    BobSlasherDag geleden

    I just immediately started laughing the time you said "we spent 10 minutes on here" and pointed towards TikTok. If I open TikTok, then for a whole decade.



    19:05 example for LEGENDARY 😂👌

  73. Tom Smith-Howell

    Tom Smith-Howell2 dagen geleden

    Well….I hated ring before because of the annoying ads but now I hate it more.

  74. D T

    D T2 dagen geleden

    17:13 more like 13

  75. Bo Burnem

    Bo Burnem2 dagen geleden

    The second window breaks and Elon’s just like “right, of course…”

  76. • Yaniii •

    • Yaniii •2 dagen geleden

    The June Oven and The Ring DoorBell Is A disaster.

  77. Ehbs Smms

    Ehbs Smms2 dagen geleden

    R u burned🤣

  78. Rajmund Dán

    Rajmund Dán2 dagen geleden

    It’s even lucky that the glass broke. Imagine that if you can’t open the car’s door and you need to break the glass but you can’t.

  79. Danielplayz

    Danielplayz2 dagen geleden

    The ring is not there fault beacause there password was not strong enough so the hackers can access it

  80. Belinda huyett

    Belinda huyett2 dagen geleden

    Stop I have a Wii u and love it I all so have a switch

  81. Belinda huyett

    Belinda huyett2 dagen geleden


  82. Belinda huyett

    Belinda huyett2 dagen geleden

    @Belinda Huyett

  83. Kez 2009

    Kez 20092 dagen geleden

    stop the Tesla fanboys 😂

  84. Sid The Jovian

    Sid The Jovian2 dagen geleden

    Which do you think is better, Chloe from Detroit: Become Human or Cloi from LG?

  85. FP Gamer

    FP Gamer2 dagen geleden

    Ah yes Jeff Bee sauce

  86. Simply PoP

    Simply PoP2 dagen geleden

    15:08 Did I just get rickrolled?

  87. AdventureSam Colorado

    AdventureSam Colorado2 dagen geleden

    I like how the Hawaii missle crisis and Cyber punk got the same rating

  88. Hactica

    Hactica2 dagen geleden

    I just let my cousin borrow the hoverbroad 5 months ago and couldn’t get back cuz lockdowns, hope they’re doing fine with that

  89. kolton

    kolton2 dagen geleden


  90. Muath Khater

    Muath Khater2 dagen geleden

    i like the wii u

  91. James Estey

    James Estey2 dagen geleden

    Tried stadia about a year after it came out, on a fairly old, but very weak laptop. I played destiny 2, and its funny, because the way I describe it is that it felt like I was just running it off of that laptop. No way could that laptop run destiny 2, but the lag and poor ish video quality felt like I was just forcing the laptop to run it

  92. Thiago

    Thiago2 dagen geleden

    3:46 uhmm in tests, they did throw that ball, some more stuff and a FRICKING SINK on that car, and it didn't broke, but then it was too weak already

  93. Kiro X Plays

    Kiro X Plays2 dagen geleden

    Actually, the Google stadia had the concept of transmitting the command from the controller directly to the server.

  94. Aymaan sherief

    Aymaan sheriefDag geleden

    But Google Stadia was set up to be the future of gaming and had quickly gained the help of publishers like Ubisoft, who helped prominently showcase the technology in its early days. The tech giant had repeatedly pitched it as a way to play the biggest games without investing hundreds of dollars into a console or PC, everything could simply be streamed right to a TV, computer, or even a phone. The service also promised bold features such as sharing game saves with other players, allowing someone else to pick up where another player left off. It had some technical hiccups, but in theory, Stadia could've been great. Even with key publishers signed on, the biggest hurdle was the extreme lack of games and the concern of players having to buy a game that exists on a server somewhere rather than owning an actual copy or file.

  95. Communist Adler

    Communist Adler2 dagen geleden

    If I get Rick rolled one more time. I’m gonna call an nuclear strike on earth to destroy all of humanity

  96. ALI COOL 412

    ALI COOL 4122 dagen geleden

    your videos are a good shit .😀👍

  97. BerningPlayz 01

    BerningPlayz 012 dagen geleden

    Another tech fail should be when you could access any Minecraft Java account that you wanted if you had the persons session id

  98. BerningPlayz 01

    BerningPlayz 012 dagen geleden

    I have a Wii U and I didn’t find it really that broken besides the fact that the controller couldn’t be used on every thing and could really only play games from the first wii

  99. gamer boys

    gamer boys2 dagen geleden

    Its dumb that he says hoverboard are dangerous when I BEEPS AT YOU WHEN IT ABOUT TO DIE AND IT SHOWS U ON THE BOARD

  100. AtreyuDev

    AtreyuDev2 dagen geleden

    Roblox just do the same idea than stadia you dont install all the games you play, only 1 time

  101. IRF jojo

    IRF jojo2 dagen geleden

    who is “They”


    FINBOYDUDE3 dagen geleden

    What’s sad is I actually liked the wii u 😂

  103. Amia Tanner

    Amia Tanner3 dagen geleden

    The reflective sundial elderly fetch because charles congruently call notwithstanding a uttermost era. clean, unnatural payment

  104. jijka gnom

    jijka gnom3 dagen geleden


  105. yoko

    yoko3 dagen geleden

    them: the wii u was a colossal fail me: has a wii u 👁👄👁

  106. ph Links

    ph Links3 dagen geleden

    If no one but the Wii U I consider u a 1 yr old kid but it’s kinda of a banger ngl

  107. Mang Hariz

    Mang Hariz3 dagen geleden

    That Tay AI failure Is pretty sad tbh Such a fun cool idea But we humans just dont deserve it.

  108. KingKev633

    KingKev6333 dagen geleden

    I love the bridge made of ps5s cost comparisons😂😂😂😂