15 Smartphone Gadgets that'll SHOCK you! ⚠️

15 Smartphone Gadgets for 2021 from Amazon / eBay / Wish.com - each one crazier than the last! Limited Time Offer: Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

For the full series of Crazy Gadgets: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1wFs...

Product links:

Modula 5
US: amzn.to/3dDKff6

Volonic Valet 3
Worldwide: bit.ly/3gwG1Ii

Echo Show 10
US: amzn.to/3dHC1m8
UK: amzn.to/2QgPYim

Shark Slider Nano
Worldwide: bit.ly/3dFHH0f

Flexclip Universal Mount
Worldwide: bit.ly/3xb9i17

Prismo Wireless Charger
US: amzn.to/32C0FOX

Ember 2
US: amzn.to/3ni9Gq0
UK: amzn.to/3dElhfz

Worldwide: www.slyk.co.uk/

Helm Bolt
Worldwide: bit.ly/2QnBDAz

100x US: amzn.to/3tGCDhF
250x US: amzn.to/2Pcgysl
100x UK: amzn.to/3ayrg3U
250x UK: amzn.to/3tM489y

Worldwide: bit.ly/3v6U1MT

NexDock Touch
Worldwide: nexdock.com/touch/

Storm 2 Liquid
Worldwide: bit.ly/3tIysC3

Superbase 500
Worldwide: bit.ly/3sFobVT

Droplabs EP-01
US: amzn.to/3gvSBr9

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

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    I realise I've not been uploading as much recently - I'm putting the things in place so we can make better videos, faster - can't wait to keep improving! πŸ‘Š For my full series on smartphone gadgets: nlpush.info/net/video/n5fYqaaCd3nXhJY

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    ζ”Ήε–„zenKai18 dagen geleden

    @Mychma Thank you for clearing the misconception and explaining it well! I learned something new today!

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    For the NLpush on the echo show thing, just say open youtube, and it opens it on the browser, even stays signed in to your account

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    I've been waiting like a mug like this for years. I sip away at a cup of coffee for about an hour and usually make several trips to the microwave to reheat it. Seriously considering one of these yolks..

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    1:09 whoever made that thing, apple couldnt do what you did so gg

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    The AirPod Max headphones are fairly hideous. Even Bose makes a point out of presentation. Those look like hubcaps from Back To The Future. I think Sennheiser are actually attractive and they sound outstanding. I have AirPod pros, and they look silly.

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