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Dear Apple.

Dear Apple.

15 dagen geleden

STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
The BEST Smartphones of 2021!
OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

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A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
  1. Will

    Will23 uur geleden

    The fact that they're doing the "limited drops" instead of just selling them outright guarantees I'll never buy a pair. Nothing turns me away from a purchase faster than when the company plays games with the stock to try and create hype.

  2. Fahlse

    Fahlse23 uur geleden

    imagine saying " oh you speak spanish, lemme download that rq"

  3. Dávid Knoska

    Dávid Knoska23 uur geleden

    6:40 a sub to the channel would be: "nothing"

  4. Mahir Balushi

    Mahir Balushi23 uur geleden


  5. SunsetKhaliyah

    SunsetKhaliyah23 uur geleden

    Marques Brownlee created a similar video! You guys are my best Tech youtuber

  6. johneric100

    johneric10023 uur geleden

    skepticism is warranted but have you got a ANY evidence to share? this vid is as bad the marketing for the freedom phone. $$$

  7. stephen williams

    stephen williams23 uur geleden

    the looks are subjective. i think they are sweet looking. to expose the internals the way they did and looking so clean is really nice.

  8. Mahiuddin Abid

    Mahiuddin Abid23 uur geleden

    is the video a bit faster or my soap became slower?

  9. Riteek Kumar

    Riteek Kumar23 uur geleden

    Arun at 5:40 - ( makes a transition ) Also at 5:40 - *Ad shows up" Me - Perfect ! But nooooo !

  10. Daham Poornajith

    Daham Poornajith23 uur geleden

    8:26 never gonna give you up by Rick Astley. Obviously..😂

  11. Sankarshana Mukundhan

    Sankarshana Mukundhan23 uur geleden

    A Sub to the channel would be "Nothing"🤔🤔

  12. Don't Matter

    Don't Matter23 uur geleden

    Is this seriously getting hyped??? Like who tf cares?? It's just another pair of earbuds that will inevitably be e-waste for it's small ass batteries

  13. Maxc Ngcobo

    Maxc Ngcobo23 uur geleden

    Watching a guy review nothing. Nice!!

  14. r3b3llin

    r3b3llin23 uur geleden

    8:26 Oh you mean never gonna give you up?

  15. Narendra Choudhary

    Narendra Choudhary23 uur geleden

    What a creativity man another hype creater for ‘’ nothing ‘’ . Its better than airpod pro or bose 🤣🤣🤣🤣 next nothings headphone pro with transplanted 🤣🤣🤣 and beetter than a company product from since 50 -80 years old bose and another music company.. only new design and some cosmetic features 😂😂😂

  16. D A U D x GAMING

    D A U D x GAMING23 uur geleden

    Can you review *realme buds air 2 meo* Please I am going to buy it please review it🥺🥺🥺

  17. parth mahajan

    parth mahajan23 uur geleden

    Absolutely loved your should do more of other products ✨✨

  18. suthesan arasu

    suthesan arasu23 uur geleden

    So where is this company based in? And who fond it? Chinese investors or Bank(CCP).? One plus is under one Umbrella with rest of the Chinese mobile brands.

  19. Sheehan Roy

    Sheehan Roy23 uur geleden

    Your cat described everything about the design!

  20. hamza shabbir

    hamza shabbir23 uur geleden

    when will you review oneplus nord 2

  21. • CuteCranberry •

    • CuteCranberry •23 uur geleden

    Your favourite song huh? …. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and deserve you. I think at least.

  22. MZ Troopa

    MZ Troopa23 uur geleden

    The Nothing air pods look unique

  23. Abdul Fathah

    Abdul Fathah23 uur geleden

    my question is if they'll work with all the features on IOS...

  24. lian shoute

    lian shoute23 uur geleden

    If you want nothing, buy nothing and you'll have nothing

  25. Rohan S

    Rohan S23 uur geleden

    This video is the total opposite of MKBHD's 😂

  26. Anirudh

    Anirudh23 uur geleden

    Friends: i have iphone, imac etc.. Me : I have nothing

  27. Dronoid

    Dronoid23 uur geleden

    Overhyped!? I heard nothing about nothing before your vid.

  28. Kannan Govind

    Kannan Govind23 uur geleden


  29. Josey Neighbors

    Josey Neighbors23 uur geleden

    They look like AirPod pros

  30. adhith vaibav music

    adhith vaibav music23 uur geleden

    Never gonna let you down

  31. Niranjan Yadav

    Niranjan Yadav23 uur geleden

    I just loved the way how you have edited your audio ❤️

  32. adeeb Ahsan

    adeeb Ahsan23 uur geleden

    watching your videos are wow but these adds 😖😖


    ABID-UL- AZAM23 uur geleden

    your cat is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Keenan L

    Keenan L23 uur geleden

    this reminds me of a guy who would show up to a store i work at and whenever he was around someone with a phone hed get super tense and ask to have the phone moved away from hm because the radiation caused him actual pain. he would carry a scanner around all the time too. very interesting to say the least

  35. Sheehan Roy

    Sheehan Roy23 uur geleden

    Name says it all 😂😆

  36. papiulevic _

    papiulevic _23 uur geleden

    "Source: nothing"

  37. Preetham Suvarna

    Preetham Suvarna23 uur geleden

    Everyone gangsta until you order the nothing earbuds but u get nothing in d box

  38. Hariharan T V

    Hariharan T V23 uur geleden

    I wouldnt have heard about this without your video

  39. LegendaryGrizzlyGaming Gaming

    LegendaryGrizzlyGaming Gaming23 uur geleden

    Favourite song 100% never gonna give u up

  40. Abderrahmane CHENAFI

    Abderrahmane CHENAFI23 uur geleden

    Looks bad ngl...

  41. British Karthick

    British Karthick23 uur geleden

    TECHNOLOGY GURU 👌❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

  42. Ninja Shoyo

    Ninja Shoyo23 uur geleden

    Arun's creativity at its peak when he picks new words in : "a sub to the channel would be..." And when he rick rolls us

  43. Tech Addy

    Tech Addy23 uur geleden

    Me who's using my wired realme buds 2 👀

  44. Isaac Wolfe

    Isaac Wolfe23 uur geleden

    Dang this guy did a beep test just to test earbuds

  45. Sahil Parmar

    Sahil Parmar23 uur geleden

    8:25 "Never Gonna Give Up" Huh😶😉

  46. K Sac

    K Sac23 uur geleden

    Can they survive a washing machine my apple ones can and they still sound the same

  47. The mya Show

    The mya Show23 uur geleden

    Arun: Thats 600 replays of my favorite song goes which one. Everyone: Never gonna give you up!

  48. piza

    piza23 uur geleden

    you must be flippin dedicated if u went through a bleep test for a video lol

  49. Dhruv Agrawal

    Dhruv Agrawal23 uur geleden

    At 9:00 u sound like my science teacher😳😳😳

  50. Nipun Sharma

    Nipun Sharma23 uur geleden

    The treble in this video is horribly piercing. Your “s” sounds are coming off as extremely sibilant.


    SQUID-RHYS23 uur geleden


  52. Le Gaming

    Le Gaming23 uur geleden

    His fav song is never gonna give you up

  53. Don Barker

    Don Barker23 uur geleden

    Okay, as an electronics tech and musician here is the thing you need to check. The frequency range should be roughly 20-20k herzts.

  54. INFPQ

    INFPQ23 uur geleden


  55. MAX

    MAX23 uur geleden

    No wayyyyy they not better then the AirPods on sounds acoustic !!

  56. Oyun Yöneticisi

    Oyun Yöneticisi23 uur geleden

    Oneplus nord 2 5g review next?

  57. Jashith Shah

    Jashith Shah23 uur geleden

    Thanks for a science lesson

  58. Fahim Faisal

    Fahim Faisal23 uur geleden

    Now days your like Wikipedia or google of techs!

  59. George Mbirikira

    George Mbirikira23 uur geleden

    Lossless doesn’t work with Bluetooth headphones my g

  60. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore23 uur geleden

    I owned a GFlex 2. Even with the sd810 it was a great phone. Still wosh I hadn’t sold it all these years later.

  61. MADFSC

    MADFSC23 uur geleden


  62. denvera1g1

    denvera1g123 uur geleden

    100% his favorite song is 500 Miles by the Proclaimers That or Jump in the Line by Harry Bellefonte

  63. MR POPO

    MR POPO23 uur geleden

    Oneplus Settled btw

  64. Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman23 uur geleden

    Great video! You still haven't explained your name btw Mr"whose"theboss which I asked last time.

  65. Unsaid

    Unsaid23 uur geleden

    Wait… I recently got a 10, and back then they included EarPods? I know apple is trying to save e-waste, but come on, you gave them free earbuds and not me? At least lower the price!

  66. Peregrine

    Peregrine23 uur geleden

    I use morning brew and it really is useful!

  67. 200 pump kyle

    200 pump kyle23 uur geleden

    I loved the Wii u

  68. PrisonCipher

    PrisonCipher23 uur geleden

    The look is a 10/10 for sure, I don't even like translucent or transparent objects, but I know tons of people who do. From gameboys, to ps5 controllers, and even clear PC cases. Dude needs to realize how douchey and vain most people are.

  69. Jawad Malik

    Jawad Malik23 uur geleden

    I think he exaggerated litte bit on the looks I think they look great

  70. Aadhil Noushad

    Aadhil Noushad23 uur geleden

    funny how everytime he does the wave transition theres an ad poping up....😂

  71. ghostman515005

    ghostman51500523 uur geleden

    One of the biggest issues with transparent anything (e.g. cases) is that they turn yellow/cloudy on the inside after a year of use. Is this going to have a similar issue?

  72. Venom 2.0

    Venom 2.023 uur geleden

    Bruvv i think you forgotten google playstore

  73. Prasad Taras

    Prasad Taras23 uur geleden

    Apart from that what about Pixel 5a cellphone..? 🙄🙄

  74. the running man

    the running man23 uur geleden

    It ain't a mrwhosetheboss video without a Rick roll


    ONE MUSLIM23 uur geleden

    awesome video